Barefoot Survey 2013

This survey is now closed, but there will be a follow-up survey in April 2014. In the meantime you are welcome to look at the questions used and suggest changes for next year.

The purpose of this survey is to take a snapshot of barefooters: how much we go barefoot; why we go barefoot; what it's like for us. If this survey is successful, future surveys may build on it. Results will be posted by late May 2013. This survey will be open for about a month (to mid-May).

• For the purposes of this survey, 'going barefoot' refers to going barefoot in environments where people in rich countries usually wear shoes. This includes people who hike barefoot, run barefoot, or just generally go about barefoot in their daily lives.

• 'Barefoot' does NOT mean minimalist shoes. If you have anything on your feet (other than toe rings or decoration on the top of your foot) you are not barefoot.

• If you indicate 'other' for any of the questions you may elaborate in the comment field at the bottom if you wish.

• If you are not comfortable with a question you do not have to answer it.

I am no longer collecting data this year, so have removed the submit button.