Barefoot/Minimalist Shoe Survey 2014

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The purpose of this survey is to take a snapshot of barefooting and minimalist shoe use: basically who does or does not wear conventional shoes, what it's like, and why. Last year's survey looked entirely at barefooters. This year's survey is intended for anyone who does not wear conventional shoes where they would normally be worn. It is also for anyone who knows that going barefoot or in minimalist shoes is possible, but doesn't for whatever reason. (Tell us why!) This survey will be open from April 15 - May 15, 2014, and results will be posted by late May 2014. You can leave your email if you want to be notified of results (it will never be shared, and will be deleted after notification), or you can check back in late May.

• For the purposes of this survey, 'going barefoot' refers to going barefoot in environments where people in western countries usually wear shoes. This includes hiking barefoot, running barefoot, or just generally going about barefoot in daily activities, but does not include the beach or swimming pool, or slumming it at home. 'Barefoot' does NOT mean minimalist shoes. If you have anything on your feet (other than toe rings or decoration on the top of your foot) you are not barefoot.

• 'Minimalist shoes' (sometimes called 'barefoot' shoes) refers to shoes intended to be closer to barefoot than conventional shoes, and include toe shoes and shoes with thin flexible soles. These shoes can often be folded in two and put in your pocket. Flipflops (aka thongs) and casual sandals do not count as minimalist here, but huaraches do. For minimalist shoes, the same criteria apply: this is about wearing these shoes in environments where conventional shoes are the norm, e.g. hiking, running, going about in public.

• Please answer all questions in all sections. However, if you are not comfortable with a question you do not have to answer it.

• I will post summary data and analysis. I may or may not post raw data and comments online. Some of last year's comments were really good, but I didn't warn people about posting them so I can't share them. This year I would like to, so please do not include anything in the comments (e.g. your identity) you don't want posted online. (The last comment box is for people to make private comments. They will never be posted.)

Text fields allow a maximum of 65,535 characters. If you have more to say, you can always email me.

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