Barefoot/Minimalist Shoe Survey 2014 Data

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barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime3to5ywalkingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessimpressingweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortdontknowyesnoIt should be more widely accepted, because it's more ergonomic than shoes. Shoes are a public health issue.More recognition from society that shoes are bad for people, create real medical problems, and shouldn't be forced on anyone in normal environments (e.g. where steel toes not required). More recognition from other barefooters that discrimination is a real problem that needs to be dealt with. Also more recognition from other barefooters that this issue is gendered (for various reasons men find it easier than women).artisticathleticeccentricnaturefemale45to54Canada2One reason I don't like minimalist shoes, in principle, is that I think people would prefer that I wear minimalist shoes over going barefoot. They don't fit, so I won't, but I'm concerned that minimalist shoes are a way for society to keep forcing people into wearing shoes for social norm reasons. They should be seen as a tool when bare feet are not enough, rather than as a tool when shoes are too much. Of course if I could go barefoot whenever I wanted I might be tempted to wear minimalist shoes (assuming they fit, which they don't) for fun on occasion as well as in wintery conditions. But fear of being forced into something tends to make me dislike it.
shoesbarefootbarefoot50-75gt20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherIt's comfortablehealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationyesneveryesnonormalmale55to64United Kingdom3
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetimegt20yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgroundyeslt253to5yhikingsocializingotheronly worn healthierotherfeels better than regular shoesnoneyesnoIt's cool and anyone should be allowed to wear whatever footwear they like (or none).It would be nice not to be the only person, and it would be even cooler if it was an acceptable clothing option in the business world.artisticeccentricnatureotherIndividualistic introverted engineermale35to44Austria4It would be great if communities were designed with barefoot walkers (or walkers in general) in mind. Some cities are both unpleasant and dangerous to pedestrians, and the grounds aren't inviting to go barefoot at all.
barefeetotherbarebottom shoesbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherYoga, cycling, etcotherBecause our feet were not designed to be placed in foot coffinsotherBecause it is how we were designed to functionneverneveryesnoWe are not designed to have our feet encased in footwear. Except for the rare job or environment that may require boots, they are unnecessary to live life.normalfemale55to64United States3
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime5to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherEverywhere, always.otherFeel where I am, comfortablehealthierhappierfitnesssensationotherOnly when representing customers to third partiesyesnevernevernonenoneyesnoAcceptanceeccentricnormalmale35to44United Kingdom4
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherMountain bikinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoIt is my choice. In my view, it is the people who wear shoes that are the weird ones.Shops and establishments to stop worrying that I might get injured. They need to understand it is my choice and I had far more chance of injury while travelling to said establishment. People need to understand that shoes are unhealthy so why should I be made to wear themathleticnaturepaleomale35to44United Kingdom3
barefeetminimalistshoesother'Barefoot sandals'barefootbarefoot50-7510to20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationotherImproved balance.discriminationattitudesyeslt253to5yshoppingworkotherDining out.otherTo keep anotherProvide effective 'cover' in anti-barefoot establishments.nonenoyesno'Unconventional' is too broad a term to comment upon. I am of the opinion that barefoot is best except in some situations that require shoes - like industrial construction.Simple tolerance.eccentricnaturenudistotherNerd/Geekmale35to44United States2
flipflopsbarefootflipflopsgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyweathercolddiscriminationyesneverneveryesnoIt is healthierAxceptance in storesartisticathleticnaturenormalnudistruralmale45to54United States3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldyeslt25 3to5yotherOnly if I need to stay long on frozen groundmedicalnonefitcomfortweatherhotwhattowearcostnoyesnoGreat! Enjoying the sensations with every step. :) Don't care what others are thinking (and all i talked to were very positive about it)None, fortunately. Here in Germany it's a lot easier - bare feet are unconventional for sure, but widely accepted. Lacking a historical "Hippie trauma", bare feet are seen as something quite positive.naturenormalmale45to54Germany5
otherteva sandalsbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingworkspiritualhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyesneverneveryesnoartisticathletichippienaturenormalnudistpaleoruralmale18to24United States1
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootbarefoot50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherWinter is healthierhappierfitnesssensationotherSometmes the closest I can get to being barefootweatherhototherIf it's too hot to wear minimalist shoes, then I'm barefoot.noyesnoI'm of the opinion that a person should wear whatever they want without concern for what others might think.An understanding that being barefoot is natural, safe, healthy, and not a threat. In short, stop discriminating against people who don't wear shoes. athleticnormalpaleomale35to44United States1I find the biggest barrier to being barefoot are the negative social attitudes towards being barefoot in public places. Whether it's at work, in stores, or restaurants, our society seems to be brainwashed into an irrational fear of bare feet unless they're within a narrowly defined context (i.e. the beach, swimming pools, gymnastics/martial arts/yoga classes, etc.).
barefeetflipflopsbarefootflipflopslt251to3yhikingwalkinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoartisticnaturenormalmale55to64United Kingdom2
barefeetflipflopsotherclogs - wooden sole & leather topbarefootbarefootlt25gt20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingothertravelotheralways preferred ithealthierhappiersensationotherno soaking feet, no smellweathercoldsocialnormswhattowearotherwet and cold conditionsyesnevernevernonenonenoneotherNever considerednoyesnoDoing it for comfort. Every now and then it will get me into interesting talks with complete strangers. I'm labelled unconventional, and as an nonconformist I also enjoy more freedom to do as I please. No need for support, just don't try fight against by using arguments as 'for your safety' or 'due to public opinion', (Rarely happens where I live though.)naturenormalmale45to54Sweden4
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt755to10ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherSchoollifestylehealthierhappiersensationclosergrounddiscriminationattitudesyeslt253to5ywalkingshoppingculturalnonefitcomfortcostyesyesnoIn my opinion, the less that is worn on the feet, the better, except for the few situations that truly do require footwear for safety. In that regard, I think of the role of shoes rather like gloves for the feet.Generally speaking, I just need a lack of immediately apparent disapproval or disallowance. If no one says anything, then I'm certainly going to continue being barefoot.artisticeccentricnormalmale18to24United States4
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworkothercyclingotherJust feels betterhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserotherbeing more meweatherhotothersometimes> workyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI like it, and I feel better by it. All the other benefits are good things that come with it.None, my country (Holland) is very laid back in terms of not wearing shoes.athletichippienatureotherCreativefemale25to34Netherlands5Barefoot feels happy and free
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefootgt751to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoIt's natural.I don't need support from society.normalmale55to64United States4I go barefoot to alieve foot pain. A podiatrist wanted me to have my feet supported and practically immobile. That didn't work, so I went natural. The foot pain went away.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt253to5yshoppingworkotherwhen bare healthierhappierfitnessfitcomfortweatherwetnoyesnoShoes interfere with the basic functionality of the feet. Wearing shoes causes harm to the body.I just want people to mind their own business and let me exercise my freedom to choose what I believe is best for my health and well-being.athleticeccentricnaturemale35to44Canada2
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-755to10yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-503to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingworkotherEmploymentotherProtectionfitcomfortcostnoyesnoI only add just as much to my feet as needed for the requirements of what I'm doing (employment, venues requiring shoes, etc.). I prefer no footwear ever.Greater acceptance of going barefoot and no risk of being confronted for it.athleticnormalmale25to34United States3
barefeetshoesbarefootshoes25-505to10yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoLike gloves, shoes should exclusively be functional clothing (extreme weather, situations when are legitimate dangers to feet), but shoe company marketing and negative stereotypes associated with bare feet have made footwear ubiquitous whenever people leave the comfort of their homes. As a result, people would rather be barefoot wear shoes just to avoid the (real or perceived) hassles of breaking social norms. It also really disgusts me that cowardly businesses perpetuate the lie that bare feet are against health codes rather than stand behind their own policies or, preferably, allow bare feet in their stores. Every day, I see hundreds of posts on Twitter from people saying they would go barefoot "24/7" if it was "socially acceptable." It's unfortunate that peer pressure that is driven by decades of bad information is causing people to damage their long-term health by wearing shoes when they don't need to. I view minimalist footwear as largely pointless. I guess people view them as a compromise, but people stare and make snarky comments when they some you wearing VFFs, so you might as well just go barefoot.I personally don't need any support. I go barefoot when I can. Unfortunately, my office requires shoes and it's often easier to just keep shoes on all day than it is to constantly take them on and off. I would prefer bare feet were normalized; I'm not interested in attention and I dress pretty conservatively otherwise.normalmale25to34United States3I live an urban area, so it's barefoot friendly in that most of the time others are too preoccupied to notice/bother me about my bare feet. Even though you probably see others barefoot much more often in rural areas, urban areas may be preferable for going barefoot because there's too much else going on for anyone to care that you're barefoot.
barefeetotherXero Sandalsotherothergt75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyeslt251to3yrunninghikingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessfitcomfortweatherhotcostdontknowyesnoIf there are situations where footwear is either required or necessary for safety, then I will wear something that still allows my feet to move naturally.Improved public awareness of the benefits and legitimacy of bare feet in any situation. athleticnaturenormalnudistpaleomale35to44United States5
barefeetsandalsbarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingsocializingotherclasslifestylehealthierhappiersensationweathercolddiscriminationyesneverneveryesnoI thing more people should go barefoot.Less stigma, I'd like to be able to go to a restaurant barefoot without fear of being kicked out. artistichippienatureothergeekfemale18to24United States5
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yotherAllotherAll those reasonsotherEliminated back pain. Better balance. discriminationyesneveryesnoBare feet is best. Wish the negative stereotypes were gone. I need to support. Just people to mind their own business. athleticnaturenormalpaleomale25to34United States4
barefeetotherXeros sandals -4mm solebarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherYard workmedicalhealthierhappiersensationcloserotherEliminated back, ankle and knee paindiscriminationotherDress code at work requires shoes. They allow me to wear my Xeros. yesnevernevernonenonenoneyesnoBarefeet is best as that's what our feet were designed for. Just a respect for the lifestyle I choose and what I believe in. In general I get that support. A few businesses need work in that departmentartisticathleticnaturefemale45to54United States3I say my area, a small city, is some what barefoot friendly because even though I get approached and asked to wear shoes sometimes, they often will hear my reason for being barefoot and will allow me to continue my business. Plus they are getting to know me.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-755to10yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt255to10yrunningwalkingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesnoWear minimalist shoes for protection when it's too cold or surfaces are too hot. Wear them when concerned about social acceptability or do not want to call attention to myself. In shops or restaurants that may not allow bare feet.I go barefoot at home, at my office (self employed), and walking about when I can. Only wear minimalist shoes or go barefoot. Still feel that going barefoot is not socially acceptable much of the time. If it were just a bit more common to see other bare footers, I would be greatly encouraged.artisticathleticnormalmale55to64United States3I doubt that barefooters will ever be in the majority in western society. However, In my ideal world, enough people would go barefoot so that it would cease being an issue.
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootminimalist50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherIt was just more comfortablehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldsocialnormsyesgt751to3yrunningsocializingworkculturalhealthierhappierweathercoldweatherwetyesyesnoGreat!None athleticeccentricnormalpaleomale25to34United States5
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkspiritualhealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosergroundnolt251to3ywalkingsocializingculturalotherSometimes when I'm out of balans my feet are very sensitive. In that case I have to wear my minimalist shoes.fitcomfortweatherhotnoyesnoFor me is living barefoot as natural as it can be. It means freedom to me; the freedom to be who I want to be: the authentic me. I hope more and more people will be able to not judge others on this.In general, society needs - as I mentioned before - the ability to not judge on others. Let everyone be able to live the spirit he of she is.naturenormalHealthy, selfconfident, strong personality.male55to64Netherlands4
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefoot25-503to5yhikingwalkingdrivingculturalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserattitudessocialnormsyes25-501to3yworkculturalfitnesswhattowearcostyesyesnoruralmale55to64United States1
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetimegt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalfitnessweathercoldattitudessocialnormsdontknownevernevernonenonenoneyesnoI've been barefoot for a few decades due to a medical condition. It's just how I live now. I am a minister and do everything from weddings and funerals to Sunday sermons to social ministry to mission work in this country and abroad constantly barefoot. It is simply how I now live. To me there is nothing odd or special about being barefoot. The community in which I live accepts me as I least for the most part. To those who have an issue, sorry, this is how I have to cope with my situation. None. I can and do deal with situations that may arise on my own. It's my life, and I live it to the best of my ability. I'm quite capable of living this way without any "social groups" or on-line presence or group. There are far too few folks who are barefooters to make an impact, therefore I'm fine with handling things on my own. athleticnaturenormalmale55to64United States4Interesting survey.
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefoot25-503to5yhikingwalkingdrivingsocializingotherChurchlifestylehealthierhappierotherComfort - no painweathercolddiscriminationsocialnormsyes25-503to5yotherGoing to storesculturalotherWhere I cannot go barefootnonedontknowyesnoI wish barefoot would become more and more the norm.Pure acceptance, like I do get from my church.normalmale55to64United States2I just enjoy it so much and the lack of foot and back pain that I cannot imagine anything else....
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyes25-50lt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingculturalhealthierfitcomfortwhattowearcostnoyesnoIt is our natural state of being, in order to be happy and healthy we need to allow our body to be free and take in the sensations of the world around us.More acceptance of bare feet, less judgemental comments and fears of safety.eccentrichippienaturenormalfemale18to24United Kingdom4Despite it not being accepted I have not received many negative comments or hostility from the public for not wearing shoes. The main culprit are family members and their irrational fears or lack of understanding.
barefootbarefootgt75walkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingnevernevernonenonenoneyesnoI think going barefoot is healthy, natural and normal. I don't like anyone telling me I "need" shoes.artisticnormalnudistmale65plusCanada4I love going barefoot - everyone should at least try it!
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefoot50-755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationyes25-505to10yworkculturalhealthierhappiernonenoyesnoI think barefooting is healthy, practical and is an important part of my cultural heritage. I really have no need to wear shoes other than work dress codes. If I lived in a colder environment I might need to wear some type of winter moccasin for protection but on the mid-Atlantic coast winters are very mild and rarely dip into the double negative digits (F).I don't need any support. It's nobody's business whether I wear footwear or not. It's time to stop the bigotry and discrimination.athleticnaturenormalruralmale45to54United States2
barefeetshoesbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherAttending my place of educationotherComforthappiersensationotherWorking in environments which legally require footware (specifically engineering workshops)yesnevernevernonenoneyesnoIf it's comfortable, and it doesn't harm anyone else to do so, go ahead.None, it would be nice if people could see beyond the feet sometimes though.eccentricotherRelatively normalmale18to24United Kingdom4
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt7510to20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloser50-753to5yworkotherShoes requhealthierotherSatifies themy work's requirement for shoesnoneyesnoBarefoot is always best, but minimalist shoes are a happy medium for employment purposes.Noneathleticnormalpaleomale35to44United States5
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt751to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherOut to dinnerotherI love the feel of the earth beneth my feet, also my awesome immune system!healthierhappiersensationweathercoldno barefooting in -7 degrees fehronheightyesnevernevernonenoneyesnoI love wearing no shoes, I use to get sick every other month, I have been %80 barefoot for 3 years and have maybe gotten sick once! Also after wearing shoes for only an hour my feet will start to hurt and feel like they are being squeezed which shoes it is healthier without them! I wish restaurants and establishes were aware of the actual laws of what kind of footwear is required at what times and places!I also wish people were more open minded about bare-footing and the benefit of it.artisticfemale18to24United States4
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherComfort and tactile feedbackhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweatherhotyesnever5to10ynonenonenoyesnoFootwear or the lack thereof should be no different than hats or gloves. In a prfect world, being barefoot wouldn't be considered "unconventional" but would simply be another perfectly valid option.Let me wear (or not) what I determine to be the best for me. Do not expect me to conform to anyone else's perceived 'need'. Let me determine what is safe and comfortable for me, and allow me to take responsibility for my safety and comfort.eccentrichippienaturenormalnudistpaleoruralmale55to64United States5Looking forward to this year's results!
shoesflipflopsflipflopsgt751to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingmedicalhealthierweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyesneveryesnomale65plusUnited States3
minimalistsandalsshoesminimalistshoesnevernevernonemedicalhealthierweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesdontknow25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingworkmedicalhealthierhappiernoneyesnoyesIt's quite attention grabbing, whether one wants that attention or not. But it's more natural and healthy than many shoesTo be allowed to be bare in places like stores, restaurants, etc. probably safer there than outsidenormalfemale35to44Canada3I'm torn about going barefoot. On one hand I see it as healthy and free and natural. The other side of me hates the idea of possible dirt, injury and being kicked out of a store. Yikes!
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootflipflops25-50gt20ywalkingdrivingsocializingotherPerform musiclifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweatherhotgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyes25-50lt1yshoppingworklifestylenonenonenoyesnoLove it!Acceptance.artistichippienaturemale35to44United States2None.
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkothergeocachinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortcostnoyesnoEver since I was a small child I've always preferred being barefoot. Shoes should be like gloves - occasionally useful but generally not needed.Being barefoot is rarely an issue in this part of the world, at least in the places I frequent, although I enjoy socialising with other barefooters.natureothernerdmale55to64Australia5Minimalist shoes are still shoes in my book, and on those rare occasions when I have to put something on my feet, it's a cheap pair of thongs or sneakers. I've seen the damage a lifetime of shoe-wearing did to my parents' feet and don't want to follow in their footsteps. Barefoot is best!
barefeetotherBoiled wool socks if out in dangerous cold temperaturesbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkspiritualhealthierhappiersensationcloserotherweathercoldyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortnoyesnoWhile I agree that footwear can be a tool for certain situations, in general I feel that humans have spent a lot of time coming up with ways to separate themselves from nature and the world we live in. Wearing no footwear is the natural state of a human. It's natural to be natural.None, though it is nice that my wife is very supportive- even to the extent of taking time to educate herself and others about the benefits of being barefoot, and my reasons for it.athleticeccentricnaturenormalnudistpaleoruralmale35to44United States4
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationdiscriminationnolt255to10yrunningwalkingotherI wear minotherPeople don't hassle me.socialnormsnoyesnoI believe barefoot is best, and should be encouraged, or at the very least not discouraged, for general use. I work to educate more people about the acceptance of bare feet as a viable lifestyle alternative, as there are still some people who have negative or myth based beliefs about the "need" for footwear.artisticeccentricnudistmale35to44United States5Thank you for doing this survey again!
minimalistbarefootminimalistlt255to10yrunningwalkingdrivingotherIt feels good, most shoes donthealthierhappiersensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyesgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesyesJust do what feels right but dont offend or force it. There are plenty acceptable lotions.None do far. athleticnaturemale25to34Netherlands3
minimalistbarefootminimalist25-501to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherExcursionsspiritualhealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyesgt751to3ywalkingshoppingworklifestylehealthierhappiernoneyesnoI recommend it to everyone who is high sensitive. It should be allowed at school and workAt work it is not accepted to go barefoot. They do not understand and think it is filthy ans not socialartisticnaturenudistmale35to44Netherlands4
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt751to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationotherLess knee/back painweatherhototherWorkplace requires footwearyesnevernevernonenoneyesnoartisticeccentricpaleofemale55to64United States4
barefeetminimalistshoesbarefootminimalist50-75runninghikingwalkingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotdiscriminationsocialnormsyes50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssocialnormswhattowearyesyesnoNot really sure that I have an opinion - I don't care what others wear and tend to wear what's best for my particular situation. Social norms - no matter how much I want to, I am not going to go barefoot in a professional office. athleticmale35to44Taiwan4
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesSocksbarefootminimalistlt253to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationweathercoldattitudessocialnormsyes25-503to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersocialnormswhattowearyesyesnoHope it becomes more socially accepted and going barefoot will be a normal thing to do during daily life. However, I really like shoes (to see, not to wear!) and in more 'up class' social events, like going out to diner, dressed up parties, business events or appointments, etc, I prefer to wear good looking shoes. If more people would do it, that would help to make ik more acceptable. athleticnormalpaleomale35to44Netherlands2
shoesbarefootshoes25-503to5yrunninghikingotherJust feels nicehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgroundattitudessocialnormsyeslt251to3yrunninghikingothernot able thealthiersensationsocialnormsyesyesI like going barefoot, but dont hate shoes. If cold or rough ground i prefer shoes, also when running extreme fast :-). Normal trail running i love to do BF, as i do hiking on known terrain.footpaths more smooth, especially in nature.athleticnaturenormalnudistmale45to54Netherlands3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefootgt7510to20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt255to10ywalkingshoppingsocializingworkculturalhealthierweatherhotcostnoyesnoI just wish it was the social norm, ie - footwear by exception only, for example where protection is paramount.normalmale45to54United Kingdom3Going barefoot is natural, healthy and environmentally friendly. It should be the default state for all human beings.
barefeetsandalsotherbarefootbarefoot50-75lt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalearthinghealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgroundotherrules like car drivingdontknowneverdrivingotheri wear Vibromotherthey are mfitnesswhattowearyesnoThe cultural opinion about rough feet. Our society and media promotes clean shaven legs znd smooth feet. I am so convinced that most poeple's feet would benefit from the feeling of being free. All the bones in the right place and contact with the earth" earthing as explained by Clint Ober" is my main reason to being bf and promoting it to other people. I compare it with the glove revolution, there was a time that rich people wear gaunts and gloves to protect their hands and their skin. This to will become a norm, we are just the pioneers. Go bf!artisticeccentrichippienaturenormalfemale65plusBelgium1When I did it years ago I remember getting as comments: are yiu too poor to pay for shoes. My sons considered it unhygienic.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationotherBetter postureweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-501to3yworklifestylenonenoneyesnoWhen wearing vibrams I do get looks and funny reactions from people, because they are so obviously different from normal shoes. I wear minimlist shoes that look like just flat shoes for school, and they look just like normal shoes. I eon't mind people asking me questions about why I walk barefoot. I don't like it when people just stare at my feet and then whisper to each other, as if I'm stupid! Just talk to me, people! paleofemale35to44Belgium5Belgium is barefoot friendly because there are no laws or local rules not allowing le to go barefoot. But people are not used to people who walk barefoot so I do get a lot of looks and sometimes negative reactions.
minimalistminimalistminimalistlt251to3ywalkingmedicalsensationweathercoldgroundyesallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesotherdo not caremale45to54Netherlands3running barefootstyle is the best decision ever. running sinds 1978 the last 15 years with injuries I am now injury free and enjoying running like never before..
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgroundyeslt255to10yhikingotherAs stated otherI only wear them for safety reasons and certainly not for comfortfitcomfortweathercoldgroundnoyesnoI don't care about society, I am who I am and I love to be barefoot. besides, when I wear shoes my back hurts like hell, so I mostly don't. In question #4 I checked "more than 75%, the reality is more than 95%. Here in Belgium, and most counties on the old continent, going barefoot is not a problem. There are no 3NS signs. You do get some odd looks or sometimes a question and that's it. If occasionaly (very rare) am denied acces to a place, I just take my euro's elsewere.Since I don't care what society thinks, I have no need for support from others.naturenormalmale55to64Belgium5In modern society going barefoot is perhaps not normal, but it is VERY NATURAL. Europe is in general very barefoot friendly, and since I don't like to be in pain when I can avoid it I just don't wear shoes, it's more comfortble.
sandalsbarefootbarefootgt75lt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingmedicalspiritual contact Mother Earthhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserreactions other PeopleweathercoldgroundyesnevernevernonenoneyesnoIt's so healthy for your feet,to walk barefoot..I tell anyone,especially kids..they love it..and me..hihiartisticeccentrichippienatureotherlovepilgrim/activistmale35to44Netherlands5If you want to change the world,change your attitude towards it...<3
barefeetflipflopssandalsbarefootbarefootgt755to10ywalkingshoppingsocializingworkotherLIVINGlifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingsexyyesnoBarefoot rules!I don't need any support to go barefoot, but positive comments or really interested questions are welcome. eccentricnaturenormalmale55to64Netherlands4
barefeetminimalistflipflopsotherHuaraches otherother25-50lt1yrunninghikingwalkingmedicalhealthiersensationcloserweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes50-751to3yshoppingworkculturalSome of the benefits of barefoot walking without the social stigma.weatherwetyesyesyesI would love to go barefoot more often and think it should be encouraged more widely.The benefits of barefoot walking and the harm of shoe wearing to be more widely known.artisticathleticnaturenormalmale45to54United Kingdom1It is a shame that conservatism among podiatrists and vested interests in the shoe industry will mean that the benefits of barefoot living are unlikely to be made more widely available.
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootshoesgt751to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserotherImproved Immune System, Free Reflexology Workout weatherhotweathercolddiscriminationsocialnormsyeslt255to10yrunningworkotherWhen foot is injured medicalotherAllows injury time and protection to healcostnoyesnoIt has untold health benefits and may lead to a 'lifestyle revolution' if enjoyed by the masses. A whole wealth of benefits would be unlocked, possibly leading to less reliance on certain medicinal aspects. Plus I wouldn't feel so 'unique' in my lifestyle habits.General acceptance of the fact, certainly a marked realisation that I have functioning ears and can your wayward remarks! The understanding that injury is less likely when barefoot and that shoes are like gloves - only needed now and again. Plus no one can say that after a time shoes do not hurt! Realisation that it keeps the body working, exercises the whole structure and makes the immune system stronger. Plus some surfaces are just Amazing to walk on barefoot.artisticeccentricnormalmale25to34United Kingdom5Barefoot is best, especially in summertime. It's sad to see so many seemingly oblivious to this simple pleasure.
otherCrocs (loose fitting)barefootbarefootgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingotherfeeling, ease and enjoyment of movement healthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserotherfeel the ground - another sensediscriminationyeslt255to10yhikingotherclimbing on rough or sharp rocksotherprevent inhealthierprevent cuts and injuryfitcomfortotherprefer bare feetnoyesnoI've always preferred to go barefoot, even as a child - although my parents would never allow it as they considered it a sign of poverty (I live in SE England) as indeed does my Wife now! (but she puts up with it reluctantly) I do have to wear shoes to be allowed into most supermarkets (I've had that discussion - they won't suffer with the loss of my business whereas I will!) Change in attitude throughout society -it's happening, but slowly!artisticnaturenudistruralmale55to64United Kingdom3I take a pair of crocs with me on long walks as it's difficult to get into a pair of minimalist shoes with wet and muddy feet! Since plucking up the courage to go barefoot on walks many years ago, I've realised that feeling the temperature and texture of the ground through the changing seasons brings a whole extra dimension to the sights, sounds and smells of a walk in the countryside. I do wimp out and wear crocs if the temperature is below -2c or above 30c - but I did barefoot briefly at -18c in Finland last year!
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenoneotherNot really a problem, it's just that I'd rather go completely barefoot noyesnoIf people want to go barefoot they should be free to do so without interference from the so-called shoe-police. Unconventional footwear is not for me. Bare feet every time! The understanding that bare feet are perfectly normal. It's my choice and I should be allowed to go barefoot anywhere and everywhere if I wish. If there is any risk associated with going barefoot in a particular environment I am aware of it and I accept that risk...I do not need anyone quoting non-existent health and safety regulations at me. normalmale55to64United Kingdom3I have chosen a barefoot lifestyle as it is healthier and more natural than wearing shoes. Also, I love the feel of the different ground and terrains, whether it be pavements, floors, woodland trails, gravel or stones. Going barefoot brings me closer to the Earth
barefeetflipflopssandalsshoesothersneakersbarefootbarefoot50-75runninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationsexyweathercoldattitudessocialnormsotherMarketing (self-employed)yesneveryesIt just feels better. I am old enough to remember when it was not a social taboo and wish we could go back to those days. I mean, I remember a time when no one would have been caught dead with a tatoo, but that's been trendy now, so that's OK! I am not trying to call attention to myself and wish I could just be left alone to be barefoot.If I were to be left alone and not harrassed, that would be lovely.artisticnaturemale55to64United States3I am lucky to be in a warm-weather resort area where you do often see others barefoot (I counted 14 one evening!). That said, there is much more harrassment and exclusion than I would like and it gets discouraging even here. On the other hand, I have carved out a life where those who know me get to accept and even encourage my barefoot ways, so persistence does pay off.
barefeetshoesbarefootshoes25-501to3yhikingwalkingdrivinglifestylesensationotherreduce tenseweathercoldattitudesyeslt251to3yhikingwalkingotherhide barefotherhide barefeetothermore injuries.yesyesnohelps to relax, less tense sensation of various undergrounds. still very uncommon. stange looks or comments. positive, supportivenaturenormalmale45to54Netherlands4Ground / temperature not realy the issue in common. Difficult to ignore the thoughs what other peoople may think about you.
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime10to20yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworkotherattending football matches home and away.othercomforthealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingsexyothergreat conversation starter, and makes me more memorable and approachable.othersometimes work takes me into schools and I have wear shoes for that.yesnevernevernonenonenoneotherthey are shoes.noyesnoIt is as inconsequential to me as the cotton to polyester ratio in a person's clothing, except that when I see anyone else out barefoot I cannot help but admire them for doing what they want unafraid of being different. I do not react the same vway to those in minimalist shoes as they are just shoes like any other.I do not need support, but appreciate that others might. However If most of society went barefoot, who could say if people actually preferred it, or just preferred to fit in. The same question currently applies to wearing shoes.artisticeccentricnormalpragmatist, skeptic, socialist, person surprised at the weighted list of options.male25to34United Kingdom4Curious as to the sample group for this survey and where it comes from with regards to how it can be shown to represent or compare with general population views. Will many shoe preferers be completing this survey?
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkspiritualhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldyeslt251to3yrunningshoppingculturalhappiergroundyesyesnoLove itno objectionartisticathleticeccentrichippienaturenormalmale55to64United States5
barefeetminimalistotherMinimalist shoes in freezing temperatures.barefootbarefootgt753to5yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgroundyeslt253to5yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingotherOnly in freezing temperatures.otherSafety in healthierhappierfitnessotherNot getting frostbite.otherMy feet get to hot, and I like barefoot better.noyesnonaturenormalruralmale35to44Denmark4
sandalsshoesotherTrainers/Converseotherotherlt25neverotherHousework/Indoor activitiesmedicalhealthierweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortweatherwetgroundotherDon't like the looknonoyesI'd imagine your feet would hurt on rough ground and I would also think that the streets of London would have diseases that you might get through cuts from the rough ground. None as I wear conventional footwear. eccentricnormalfemale25to34United Kingdom1
otherworkshoesbarefoototherlt251to3yrunningotherhouseholdothermy feet wants to be freehappierothersafety reasons at workyes50-751to3yrunningmedicalhappiernoneyesnolive and let liveno supportnormalmale55to64Netherlands4
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-75gt20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherJust prefer itsensationweatherhotdiscriminationyesneverotherPrefer totally bare feet or thongs (flip flops for non-Aussies!)noyesyesI love going barefoot as much as I can. My answer of yes to above enjoying wearing footwear is that I have some great light shoes which I hardly know I have on, which I love wearing if I have to have something on my feet, even though given the choice I'd go totally barefoot. Alternatively I will wearing thongs & don't mind that if I have to do it. Overall though, totally bare feet are my preference & a great experience.Overall, I don't really care anymore about what others think of me being totally barefoot. I used to & wouldn't even let friends see me barefoot other than at the right scene like the beach. The only thing that happens now for me is certain shopping centres try to enforce a footwear rule but most are ok.normalmale35to44Australia5
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootbarefootgt7510to20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldyeslt25gt20ywalkingotherToo cold dhealthiernoneyesyesnoNatural way to go.None.eccentrichippienaturenudistpaleomale45to54Finland5
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootshoeslt25gt20yhikingwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenoneyesnoI'd prefer not to have to wear them More understandingredients of.people's choices naturemale35to44United Kingdom2
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetimehikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingspiritualhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenoyesnonormalruralmale65plusUnited States
barefeetotherCrocsbarefootother25-505to10yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyweathercolddiscriminationattitudesdontknowlt253to5ywalkingshoppingworklifestyleotherprotection from coldfitcomfortnoyesnoartistichippienaturenudistmale35to44United States2
flipflopsbarefootflipflops25-50lt1yrunningwalkinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyes50-75lt1yrunningwalkingmedicalfitnessfitcomfortnoyesnoI prefer barefoot. But often I wear Luna-sandals because of cold weather or rough ground. The more of your feet are covered by minimalist shoes, the less I like them. None, I am a loner and don't care much about what people think or say.athleticnaturenormalmale45to54Netherlands3
minimalistflipflopsshoesotherTeva sandalsbarefootsandals25-50neverotherwhenever I'm homeotherbecause it feels great, and let's me touch mother nature... healthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgroundattitudessocialnormsyeslt25lt1ywalkingdrivingshoppingotheras an altehealthierhappierfitnesssensationattitudessocialnormsyesyesnoI would like it if it were socially acceptable to go barefoot, or in minimalist shoes. This is often not the case. I've been having knee trouble for a while now, and my lower back is a continual problem, and I find that walking on bare feet, or in minimalist shoes (I have Vibram's KSO)gives me a better posture, and this helps relieve these problems. Social acceptance. eccentricnaturenormalnudistmale45to54Netherlands1
minimalistminimalistminimalist25-501to3yrunningdrivingothersocial pressures. people look at you weirdhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldattitudesyes25-501to3ylifestylehealthiernoneyesyesnoLove it Less weird looksathleticeccentrichippiemale35to44United Kingdom2
barefeetflipflopsotherCrocsbarefootbarefoot50-755to10ywalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortcostdontknowyesnoYou should wear, or not wear, whatever you choose.Society/culture has all these hang-ups about what you should look like or how you dress for certain situations (business, dining, being in public, etc.), that really have no logical reasoning for them other than it is what people are used to seeing and therefore cannot imagine how someone could be different unless they are crazy or have something else wrong with them. I tend to blame religions and class systems (which have been around since humans developed) that discriminate against those who are different or of a "lower class" for most, if not all, of the world's problems, even down to the most personal levels of how people choose look/dress. Until those in power find it fashionable to be barefoot, then you can pretty much forget about having any "support" from society.otherI am memale35to44United States1
minimalistsandalsshoesnoneminimalist25-501to3yrunningwalkingotherMy feet get too hot in footwear. Plus, I like the feeling :)healthierhappiersensationimpressingweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes50-75lt1yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworkotherComfort (sother'Benefit' implies that it's an active reasoning. I used to always wear walking sandals. Minimalist shoes are the same effect but lighter, easier to carry, and work well for me!fitcomfortotherI'm not allowed to at work!yesyesnoI've no problem with it! I suspect it would be more acceptable in society if more people were to do it. I also think there's a bit of an 'age/sex' bias: No-one mythers if children run around barefoot, but are more critical when adults do. I wonder at what age it stops being seen as 'cute/fun' and starts being seen as 'dangerous/subversive'. I also get the distinct impression that women can 'get away with it' more than men can.To treat it in the same way that people treat wearing of hats, beards, miniskirts, etc. I've no problem with what people think of it; we're all guilty of disparaging thoughts about other people's appearance/clothing ('oooh, she really shouldn't be wearing *that*', 'that man looks like Rudolph with that big red nose'), but they don't have to gawp and stare etc.artisticathleticeccentrichippienormalmale35to44United Kingdom2A bit about me: I've generally gone through the last ten years wearing walking sandals in anything above about 5ºC (I'm British; double-figure Celsius temperatures mean it's summer!), but last Autumn my pair finally disintegrated. When it came round to buying a new pair this spring, a couple of barefoot-friendly friends online suggested I try minimalist shoes, so I thought I'd take a punt (they were significantly cheaper than the sandals I normally buy). It took a few days to get used to having something between the toes, but they seem to be working pretty well for me now! I'm still not quite fully used to them yet and sometimes they are still a little uncomfy, but they're better than I expected. (I'm going travelling Round The World this year for a year so I need something fairly sturdy and comfortable, and these feel like they will indeed do the trick). Because my natural state is to be in sandals (and now, the minimalist shoes), I can't say I do it for 'beneficial' reasons any more than I can say I see the fact I wear short-sleeved shirts as 'beneficial' over long-sleeved; it's just what I do! As for fully barefoot - outside of Winter I'll walk my dog around the local streets and nature reserve barefoot, and I do like jogging barefoot. I'm not as barefoot as some people I know, and in a way I find that a shame, although I could never see myself as being a 'barefoot lifestyler'. I'm happy to dabble along the edges, and push the boundaries every so often, but I'm not a Ben Donnelly/Bea Marshall type of barefooter. Part of this is self-confidence; I don't have enough of it to 'challenge boundaries' by being publicly barefoot more. I'm far more self-secure than I used to be, but I still don't feel too comfortable in obviously 'standing out from the crowd' and open to disregard (which is odd given my other lifestyle choices). I also don't really like being challenged/creating 'conflict' ('oi! Put your shoes on in my shop!') etc. I'd like to be more barefoot than I generally am (and online I seem to promote myself more of one than I really am, to try to give me that confidence). Minimalist shoes do help tho!
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefoot50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyes25-50lt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesnonormalmale18to24United States4
barefeetbarefootbarefoot50-7510to20ywalkingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationattitudesotherBeen threatened bodily harm from being barefootyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI love being barefoot. It feels great. I'm just tired of people's closed mindedness. I had a homeless guy threaten to knock my teeth down my throat if he seen me walking around barefoot again. The kind of support I need is for people to be more open minded. I've had major drug users tell me that walking around barefoot my feet will fall off. naturenudistotherWiccanmale25to34United States2Saint Louis Missouri is one of the most anti-barefoot cities I've ever been in. I can only go to one store barefoot to do my shopping. There are a few business here that allow me to go barefoot but they are few and far between.
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsflipflopsflipflops25-501to3ywalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationsocialnormsyesyesyesnormalpaleomale35to44United States3
minimalistbarefootbarefootgt753to5ywalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehappiersensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt251to3yshoppingworkotherCan't healthierhappierweathercoldattitudesyesyesnoTo each their own, I suppose.none; I am who I amnormalnudistmale45to54Germany3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt755to10yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationsexyweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyes25-501to3yrunningwalkingshoppingculturalhealthierhappieryesnoI do not understand the stigma against it; I love being barefoot and used to be quite militant about it but I've really grown tired of arguing with idiots about it. It is infuriating to see how much barefootedness is scorned and frowned upon, and how everyone seems to believe it is any more their business what I wear or don't wear on my feet than it is what I wear or don't wear on my hands or my head.Well, to be allowed to go unshod everywhere I want to would necessitate a massive cultural shift, which realistically is not going to happen. The minimalist sandal thing is an okay substitute, I guess, and no one bats an eye at those, so I've learned to live with that.artisticathleticeccentricmale35to44United States2
minimalistbarefootbarefoot50-75lt1yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationgroundyes25-501to3yrunningotherGymmedicalfitnessotherSuper rocky trailsnonedontknowyesnoFeels good, strengthens feet. Noneathleticnormalmale45to54United States4Most people I know have wrong ideas about health measures in general (proper eating, exercise), so it's no surprise they think bare footing is dangerous and unclean.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootallthetimelt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherChurch ActivitiesmedicalhappiersensationotherPerpetual headache went awaydiscriminationotherSnowyeslt25lt1yworkotherCan't otherBetter than shoes, worse than barefootwhattowearnoyesnoI'm all for it!I don't call you out for spending tons of money on shoes...don't call me for not wearing shoes at all.artisticathleticeccentricotherChristianfemale18to24United States4I'm now known as "the barefoot chick" at school, church, and around town :)
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt25lt1yrunninghikingotherClimbinglifestyleotherIt's like being barefoot with some protectionnonedontknowyesnoThe sensation of walking and living barefoot is hard to give upIf I defined my self worth and values by others' opinions, there would be a whole wealth of things that I wouldn't do that i do currently. I don't need support to do what I want to do/what I think is rightartisticathleticeccentrichippienaturemale18to24United States1People seem terrified of foot fungus, tetnis, the possibility of stepping on broken glass... Etc
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt751to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthiersensationotherreducing knee pain and ankle painweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesneverneveryesnoI have had medical problems with my knees and my feet for over 20 years. I started walking barefoot over a year ago. Since then, I've gone from barely able to walk through a grocery store to walking almost two miles at a time. I believe that we are increasing medical problems and disabilities by the societal insistence on footwear. People would be healthier throughout their lives, but especially as they grow older, if barefoot was the norm instead of the exception.Basically, it would help not to be banned from certain stores. I do not like being considered odd or eccentric for doing something to improve my health.artisticnaturenormalfemale55to64United States1
barefeetsandalsbarefootbarefoot50-7510to20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherhealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesyesartisticmale35to44United States1
minimalistflipflopsminimalistminimalist25-50gt20ywalkingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweatherhotweathercoldgroundyesgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesyesGreat!More styles of minimalist shoes.normalnudistpaleoruralfemale25to34United States4
minimalistminimalistminimalistlt251to3ynonelifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesallthetime1to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherwetcostyesyesyesMakes my feet feel better, but minimalist shoes are still a niche market and expensive.I am able to wear minimalist shoes that look much like conventional shoes, so no one notices. Would be nice to find more girly shoes to wear with dress up clothes. athleticnormalpaleofemaleUnited States2
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootsandals25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherWorking in my gardenmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-501to3yrunningmedicalhealthierfitnessfitcomfortotherSmell sometimesdontknowyesnoGreat!Allowance in cinemas and such placesathleticnaturenormalpaleootherAsceticmale25to34Latvia4None
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt751to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationdiscriminationyeslt251to3ywalkingmedicalhealthierotherProtection from hot/cold/rough terrainnonenoyesnoI think we could go a long way with making going barefoot more acceptable if we take care of our feet ie cleanliness, nail and callous care. Also, appropriate attire, don't dress like a slob. More awareness of the health benefits and debunk the "urban legends". athleticnormalnudistmale55to64United States5
barefeetbarefootbarefoot50-7510to20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI think going barefoot is one of the most normal and healthiest habits one can do. While I don't look down on people who choose to wear shoes, I do wish they would come into the understanding of how healthy and better it is for them.I'm not driven by the approval of man. I would like to see it more accepted. There's no need for the prejudice.artistichippienormalmale35to44United States4
barefeetminimalistotherSockwa (plasticised socks.) Unshoes (running sandals.)otherother25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingworkotherFor the sensations & general leg/foot fitnesshealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingotherLess injuries when runningweatherhotweathercoldgroundsocialnormsotherHealth & Safety rules at workyeslt251to3yrunningshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingotherProtection when can't be barefootnonenoyesyesPeople should be allowed to do whatever they wantAcceptance in public placesartisticathleticeccentrichippienaturenormalpaleootherHealthymale55to64United Kingdom2
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt25runningshoppingsocializingworkculturalnonenonenoyesnoIt's awesomeNo discriminationathleticnormalmalelt18United States2
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime10to20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherGolflifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldsocialnormswhattowearyeslt251to3yrunningotherGolf otherBecause I nonefitcomfortdontknowyesnoNone, it's really free here where I live in Australia artisticathleticnormalmale25to34Australia5
barefeetflipflopssandalsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingothereating out, barhoppinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationsexyweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI love going barefoot. It's my choice, I enjoy it & I'm not hurting anyone. I wish people here weren't so anal about bare feet. I also wish the climate was more barefoot-friendly.If people minded their own business & tend to their own affairs instead of telling me I need to put shoes on.athleticotherfemininefemale25to34United States3I live in Wisconsin, where winter is harsh. I go barefoot as much as possible, & if I can't go barefoot I wear flip-flops so my feet are still exposed. I intentionally engage in activity like yoga, swimming, synchronized swimming & dance because I can do so barefoot.
minimalistminimalistminimalist25-503to5yrunninghikingnonehealthierhappiersensationgroundattitudessocialnormsyesgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworknonehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldcostyesyesyesLove itartisticathleticeccentrichippienaturenormalfemale25to34Sweden3
barefeetathletic sandalssandalssandals25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-503to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessnoneyesyesIts essential! IT needs to be done more often and by more people/big shoe companies (nike, asics, etc) are very destructive in the messages they promulgateathleticnormalmale45to54South Africa4
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootminimalist25-50lt1yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-50lt1ywalkingsocializingworkmedicalotherbecause I cant be barefoot all the time due to social normsnonedontknowyesnoathleticnormalmale25to34Mexico1
vibramminimalistminimalist25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkinglifestylefitnessprevious spinal injurygroundyesgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingothergymmedicalhealthierfitnessgroundyesyesnoIt's fine if that's what you want to doathleticpaleomale35to44United Kingdom2
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalistlt251to3ywalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyesallthetime1to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierfitnessimpressingcostyesyesnoartisticathleticpaleootherGeekmale18to24United States1
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalistlt253to5yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweathercoldgroundattitudesyes50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationwhattowearyesyesnoI think everyone should be educated in How shoes Bugger up our bodies. Being barefoot should be encourage by all I valved with bodies.... doc tors, etcNot a lot. I wear vff if I need shoes on. Ignore all rules otherwise. I spout off if approached in a negative manner and. BOre people in authority senseless so they leave me alone. Two of my three wee ones barefoot too.normalpaleofemale45to54United Kingdom1Strong feet are so important
minimalistflipflopsbarefootminimalist25-5010to20yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingotherCyclingotherComforthealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyesgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkculturalhealthierhappierfitnessotherCloser to barefoot, but still allowed at workfitcomfortcostnoyesnoShoes should only be worn when needed, just like glovesWould help considerably if shoes were not a condition of entry into stores, restaurants, amusement parks, etc. Society doesn't look down on people not wearing gloves in winter, why are shoes any different. It is almost to the point of actual discrimination because of a choice of no footwear.naturenudistotherGeekmale35to44United States2Society norms changed regarding swimsuits, so why not shoes too?
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesminimalistminimalistlt251to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingnonesensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesallthetime1to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationyesI'd like to go barefoot more, but snow on the ground doesn't work well for that. Now that it's getting warmer, the problem s are that I'm picking up splinters or worse when walking around the woods, lots of "no shirt, no shoes" signs at stores and it hasn't necessarily stopped me, but general society norms, though I've gotten used to a lot of that with my Fivefingers which are all I wear 99% of the time.Well, outdoors items like thorns and branches sticking up, etc would be difficult to overcome short of paths everywhere. Society wise it would be nice to just know that you are ALLOWED to be barefoot in stores, etc and otherwise just not having people look at you like you're crazy.otherMaybe a little bit of all of those things, but not necessarily enough to BE one of those?male35to44United States3
minimalistotherhuarachesotherbarefoot50-753to5yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationsocialnormsyes25-501to3ysocializingworkculturalothersocial acceptancefitcomfortnoyesnonormalmale35to44United States
barefeetshoesbarefootshoeslt25lt1ysocializingworkotherEverything around the housemedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationotherweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyeslt25lt1yrunningmedicalBetter runhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldcostyesyesyesFeeds great, good for menormalmale35to44Sweden3
shoessandalsshoeslt253to5yrunningmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationgroundnolt253to5yrunningotherprotectionotherprotection onlyotherbarefootable conditionsnoyesnoBig thumbs up! I love running BF.None. The only time I run with something on my feet is when weather or surfaces prevent BF.athleticnormalmale55to64United States3
flipflopssandalsshoesshoesshoes50-75walkingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt25nevernonemedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationfitcomfortweatherwetdiscriminationattitudessocialnormscostyesyesnowill make your feet strong to prevent running injuriesi need them to accept my belief in it. also for them to actually let me go barefoot/ minimalist shoes in practice,meets,and schoolathleticnatureruralfemalelt18United States1it is crazy to see how people who sell you the "shock absorbing pronation control" shoe say it's good for you. The human foot was not designed for these type of shoes. for thousands of years humans have been running without sneakers and they were fine.Society tells us it is bad for you to wear nothing on your feet. If you deny your nature, it gets back in an ugly way. Today in the modern age it is unatural for humans to be barefoot. Injuries have spiked up from the last 40 years when the modern sneaker was born. Coincidence? i think not.
minimalistminimalistminimalistlt251to3ywalkingotherEveryday life at homemedicalhappiersensationweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyesgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnonenoyesyesAs long as it's warm enough my biggest issue is keeping my feet clean. In certain situations, e g at work, it is just not acceptable but minimalist shoes work just fine. As long as there are casual minimal footwear, I have no need for conventional shoes. I feel healthier and happier in minimalist shoes and barefoot.Most people don't even realise that I'm wearing minimalist shoes so it's not an issue.athleticnormalmale35to44Sweden2
barefeetminimalistotherxero sandalsbarefootother25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgroundsocialnormsdontknowallthetime1to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessnoneyesyesI don't feel really strongly about this. I like it so do it whenever I can (to and from work for example). I do get quite a lot of comments but folk soon get used to it. None.normalmale35to44United Kingdom4
minimalistbarefootbarefootneverneverAt homenonelifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormswhattowearyesallthetime3to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkothercyclingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesI like it, I like to be unconventional, but I find that one unconventional thing is enough for most people! I would not wear my VFFs with a kilt, or a cape. "Normal" shoes for those unconventional things! (though for me now zero-drop wide toed leather shoes are normal!)Normalisation (not expecting it!)artisticathleticnaturepaleootherClassymale35to44United Kingdom1Never seen anyone barefoot in this town.
barefeetflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootshoes50-75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonefitcomfortyesyesyesWhatever is best for a person is fine. I like being barefoot.None.artisticathletichippienaturenormalpaleoruralmale45to54United States4
barefeetminimalistshoesbarefootbarefootgt755to10yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationsocialnormslt255to10yshoppingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnessotherOnly wear them when barefoot is not an optionattitudessocialnormsyesnoI wish more people tried it. That way it would be more accepted in the general public. eccentricnaturemale45to54Canada3
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalistgt75gt20yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializingspiritualfitnesssensationotherRespecting my Goddess weathercoldotherEmployment safety precautionyeslt2510to20yhikingwalkingshoppingmedicalotherPrevent unnecessary injuryweathercoldyesyesnoIt's the most natural, healthy form of human locomotion.Tolerance for one's unconventional beliefs and lifestyle.eccentricnaturenudistotherEclectic paganmale55to64United Kingdom4
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-75runningwalkingdrivingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationweathercoldsocialnormsyes25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationcostyesyesnoathleticnormalmale35to44United Kingdom2
barefeetminimalistminimalistminimalistlt251to3yrunningwalkingmedicalhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesnoAcceptableI wear what I want apart from formal occasionsathleticnaturenormalpaleomale35to44United Kingdom4
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetimegt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherpolitics, rowingotherpleasurehealthierhappiersensationyesnoTo live barefooted is good and healthy, but it is out of fashioneccentricothertrue to myselfmale65plusChile5I'm a rather public person, very active in social, political, cultural and sport activities. The barefoot trait has helped to make me very well known.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunningworkmedicalFeel freehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyeslt253to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationcostnoyesnoEwerybody have own rights to use footwear or do not usenaturemale45to54Finland2In Finland winter time in difficult for barefoot living. Some short run can take. Secondly, we do nut use shoes inside, so it balance a bit.
barefeetminimalistLuna Sandalsbarefootbarefoot50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingmedicalhealthierfitnessdiscriminationsocialnormsyes25-503to5ymedicalhealthierdiscriminationyesyesnoIt's my choice and had no effect on others. To leave me aloneathleticmale25to34United States1
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalistgt751to3yhikingwalkingdrivingsocializingworkotherWide foot doesn't fit shoes wellhealthiersensationweathercoldattitudes25-501to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherNorth DakohealthierhappiernoneyesnoWould love more, reasonably priced optionsnaturenormalmale35to44United States3
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefoot50-75hikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingothermedicalhealthierhappiersensationweatherhotdiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonedontknowyesnoLoveit!Societalartisticnaturenormalmale45to54United States4
barefeetminimalistsandalsshoesotherxero shoes- running sandalsbarefootminimalistlt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldattitudessocialnormsyesgt751to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcostdontknowyesnoI would ideally go barefoot all the time if not for British weather (often cold/wet) and, occasionally, attitudes (more a problem when with my young kids- eg. nursery pickup, and formal occasions such as weddings). I find most types of conventional (womens') shoes very uncomfortable and undoubtably bad for the feet/posture.abolishment of social judgment (although realistically this is unlikely in the near future!)naturequite healthy. open minded.female25to34United Kingdom2Above all, I find it comfortable and natural to be barefoot. I do not wish to brainwash others but would welcome open-minded attitudes.
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingmedicalIt feels good. healthierhappierfitnesssensationothermy knees and hips don't hurt when I'm barefootweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotheranytime I'm not barefoot!medicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationothersame as barefoot- the pain goes away if I avoid conventional shoesnoneyesnoit's fine and if it was safe and allowed I'd never wear shoes except minimalist in MI winters (need to keep the wool socks from getting destroyed!)the public to accept them and allow them to be worn in more places and to not be accosted for lack of shoes when I set foot in a store, etc.artisticnaturenormalfemale35to44United States3
minimalistbarefootminimalistlt25lt1yrunninglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweathercoldgroundyes25-50runningwalkinghealthiernoneyesyesIt is a great way to feel free and have healthier feetI would like to run with other people interested in barefoot running in my area.natureruralmale45to54United Kingdom2Live in countryside
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesotherDIY/homemade minimalist footwear (sandals, slippers)minimalistminimalistlt25lt1yhikingdrivingsocializingothergardening/yard work; attending outdoor concerts on grass, or other public events held in parksmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyesgt75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationothercorrected walking/running stride solved long-standing knee/ankle/back pain. Also, improved balance due to increased sensory input to brain from soles of feet. And VFFs amuse and enthrall small children!noneyesyesI wear VFFs just about every day, so clearly I have no problem with unconventional footwear! And while I don't go around barefoot in public myself, I generally don't have a problem with people who do. I used to see barefooting as dirty and gross--and in certain parts of the city, it really is (parts of downtown are NASTY). But I do stop and think about why I find it inappropriate or disgusting in a given situation, questioning my assumptions, and more often than not realize that it's no big deal. For wearing minimalist footwear, none. They're just shoes, and people can think what they want. My experience is that people tend to be intrigued and/or amused by VFFs, and ask friendly questions, but the rare rude comments don't bother me. Going barefoot, however, can raise a surprising amount of hostility. It's not that I care about what people think--I don't--but dealing with anger, negativity, and getting treated as if I'm filthy or a lunatic is not something I have patience or energy for. It interferes with my ability to get through my day in an easy, pleasant way. So I reserve barefooting for settings where it could be considered appropriate, and wear my choice of footwear the rest of the time.artisticeccentricpaleofemale45to54United States3
shoesminimalistshoeslt25lt1yrunningwalkingotherfeeling freesensationclosersexyweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyeslt251to3yrunninghikingwalkingotherfeeling frotherfeeling freeweathercoldyesyesyesnatureotherbad assmale35to44Finland4
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootbarefootgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt253to5yrunningotherinability nonenonenoyesnoPeople should have/feel the freedom to wear as much footwear as they like, including none.Social acceptance of going barefoot.naturenormalmale55to64Netherlands4
minimalistbarefootminimalist25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationsocialnormsyesallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappiernonedontknowyesnoGreatathleticmale35to44Sweden3We walk indoors without footwear (except at work)
minimalistminimalistminimalist50-751to3yrunningwalkinglifestylehappierfitnesssensationgroundyesgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylesensationgroundyesyesnoFeel more freedom on my feetEmbrace the people who barefooting not discriminate iteccentricmale18to24Indonesia4
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime5to10yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherDiningotherAll of the abovehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserotherHealthier KneesweathercoldyesneverneverotherClosest tononenoneyesnoSocial norms change constantly and have for centuries. Shoes should become a normal option and not frowned upon by society.The only support I need is to not be told I have to wear shoes.artistichippienaturenormalmale45to54United States3
shoesbarefootshoeslt25gt20yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializingotherIt is comfortablehealthierhappiersensationweathercoldattitudesyesnevernevernonenoneyesyesnaturenormalmale45to54Norway5
minimalistbarefootminimalistlt251to3yrunninghikingotherAlways at home and mostly at officemedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldyesgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesI love itartisticathleticnaturenormalpaleomale35to44Finland4I usually an wear luna sandals from early May till early October. I go barefoot most of the time. If it's too cold I use soft star moccasins. I usually spend two months a year in Goa, India or Namibia. There I try to be barefoot all the time. If I need protection, Lunas are great.
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsbarefootbarefoot50-75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingculturalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcostotherrather be barefootdontknowyesnoIt should be a matter of choice for those who wish to without footware vs. society dictating the perceived cultural norms on the minority. We need the law on our side to allow barefoot lifestyle as a freedom of choice. athleticnaturenudistpaleoruralmale45to54United States2
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist25-50lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyotherAvoid injuryweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherEverythingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessnonenoyesnonormalmale25to34United States4
barefeetMin shoes in winterbarefootbarefoot50-755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingothergolfinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweathercolddiscriminationyeslt25runningotherwinters henonecostnoyesnoAcceptanccenormalruralmale55to64Canada3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsflipflopsminimalist25-5010to20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationyes50-755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnonenoyesyesathleticnormalmale55to64United States2
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist50-755to10ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationsexyweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-501to3ydrivingshoppingworkmedicalhealthierweatherwetdontknowyesnonormalmale45to54United States3
minimalistBarefoot sandalsminimalistminimalistlt25lt1yrunningwalkingWorkingI want to be near to naturehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyesgt75lt1yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationimpressingweathercoldweatherwetsocialnormsyesyesnoJust best! I like to see other people using only their barefoot or like barefoot shoes and sandals.Only if there is dangerous to walk in the road.athletichippienaturemale18to24Finland4Nothing
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetimegt20yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworkotherall of the abovehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldsocialnormsyeslt251to3yrunningworkotherEmploymentotherpreventing frostbitenonenoyesnoI like it, that's why I do it.I'd like it to be more accepted in society, recently got a new job and I still wear minimalist footwear to some of the more conservative clients (working on easing out of that, but need the job so I'm a bit careful about it :-))artisticeccentrichippienatureruralfemale35to44Netherlands3
sandalsshoesbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenoneyesnoBarefoot is great! I wish more people would do it.Barefooting causes no problems, affects no one but the barefooter. This being the case, I don't appreciate strangers sticking their nose into my personal business by telling me how they think I should dress. I would really like it if there were never any problems, but when there are I will not allow that to prevent me from going barefoot.artisticnormalmale65plusUnited States5I wish more parents would be open to their children going barefoot. Insisting on shoes because of "what people will think" is denying kids an important and valuable part of childhood and adolescence. Have we as a society forgotten the pleasure and freedom of the barefoot summer?
minimalistsandalsminimalistminimalistlt251to3yrunningotherat homelifestylehealthierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationsocialnormsyesgt751to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesnormalpaleomale35to44Finland3
minimalistshoesminimalistminimalistlt251to3ynonenonenonegt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationothernot smart enough for workyesyesyesdon't care what other people think, VFF get an interesting response in town!noneathleticnormalruralmale35to44United Kingdom2
barefeetflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-755to10ywalkingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesnevernevernonenoneotherI'd rather go barefootnoyesnoGo for it! Everyone should be allowed to wear (or not wear) whatever they want on their feet.People need to be more accepting and less judgmental of the barefoot lifestyle.eccentricmale45to54United Kingdom3
shoesshoesshoeslt25nevernonelifestylehealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormswhattowearyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortweatherhotweathercoldweatherwetgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormswhattowearcostnoyesnoartisticmale35to44United Kingdom1
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesflipflopsminimalistlt253to5yrunningwalkinglifestylehappiersensationweathercoldgroundyesgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldweatherwetyesyesyesathleticfemale25to34United Kingdom2
sandalsshoesbarefootflipflops50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationgroundsocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonenoyesnoMore people should wear no footwear, they don't know how pleasant it is, I enjoy it a lot.Just acceptance from family and friends, in my country strangers don't seem to care.artisticnormalmale35to44Mexico3
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherfeels goodhealthierhappiersensationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoNo footwear is logical in most situationseccentricnormalnudistmale45to54New Zealand5
barefeetminimalistflipflopsminimalistminimalist50-753to5yrunningwalkingsocializingnonehealthierhappiersensationsocialnormsotherwork rulesyes50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierdontknowyesyesbarefoot feels more naturalnone, its a personal choiceartisticathleticnormalmale45to54United States4everyone should go barefoot in public even a little. I also wish the stigma that barefoot is somehow bad.
barefeetminimalistotherZero shoes soles / home made sandalsbarefootbarefoot25-50gt20yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingworkotherat home, campingotherI think it's a healthy practicehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkculturalotherWhen I can't go barefoot.weathercoldyesyesnoIt's easy, healthy, and inexpensive.Less rules requiring shoes, but mostly I'd have to live somewhere that didn't get over 500 inches of snow in the winter and then I would go barefoot more.athleticnaturenormalfemale25to34United States3
barefeetflipflopsbarefootflipflopsgt75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingmedicalhealthierhappiercloserdiscriminationnevernevernonenonenoneyesnoI can't go in shoesnaturemale55to64Romania5
minimalistbarefootminimalist25-50runninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationattitudesyesallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierfitnesssensationNONEnononormalmale55to64United States1
barefeetminimalistbarefootflipflops25-501to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyesneverneveryesnoeccentricmale45to54United States1
LUNA Sandalssandalssandals50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationsexyweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyes50-753to5ysocializingworkculturalhealthierhappierfitnessweatherhotyesyesyesimplement a barefoot culture in germanyartisticathletichippienaturenormalpaleomale35to44Germany2
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyes25-50lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldsocialnormsdontknowyesnoI think it is a healthier choice, physically, mentally, and emotionally.I don't know if I need support, but I would like it if more people became aware that going barefoot is likely healthier and not think that those who go around barefoot are crazy for doing so.artisticathleticeccentricnatureruralmale35to44United States1
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime5to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinghealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosernevernevernoneyesnoathleticeccentrichippienaturemale35to44United States2
shoesbarefootminimalist25-503to5yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierfitnesssensationweatherhotgrounddiscriminationyeslt253to5yrunningotherTerrain tofitcomfortweatherwetgroundyesyesIt is a personal choice. I prefer barefoot where I am able to do so. Prefer to run totally barefoot and can generally do that in my location.Change in attitude in restaurant industry to allow barefoot patronsnormalmale55to64Bermuda3
barefeetminimalistminimalistminimalistlt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyesgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherschoollifestylehealthierhappierfitnessfitcomfortcostotherNot much for choices out there that match my needsnoyesyesI prefer to go barefoot as much as is possible, but I wear minshoes as needed for terrain, temp, and social convention. I wish it was more acceptable to be barefoot, but unfortunately drs and society seem to think it is dangerous and unacceptable.athleticnaturenormalmale35to44United States2The area I live in, despite being full of a bunch of environmentalist hippy types, is pretty against barefeet and really discriminate.
sandalsshoesotherCrocs with orthoticsotherotherlt25Pain in ball of footfrieberg's infraction and fallen metatarsal arch dontknowneverfitcomfortFallen me tartars larches and Freiberg's infractiondontknownononormalfemale65plusCanada
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingworkotherIt's funhealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyeslt253to5yshoppingsocializingworkculturalhappierweathercoldnoyesnoLike most barefooters, I would really just like to be left to my footwear choices without prejudice.normalmale55to64United States4I don't see myself as a crusading knight for barefoot living, but I go barefoot whenever I can. I don't seek confrontations, so I tend to just accommodate "shoes required" signs on businesses. But those that I know are not a problem I will go barefoot to regularly. My friends and neighbors all know I'm a most-of-the-time barefooter so they're used to seeing me barefoot in even cold/snowy weather.
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-755to10yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenoneotherthey're completely useless. noyesnofootwear is just a protection, only really needed for the direst tasks. in all other circumstances it's of no use and the bad sides of being shod still remain. don't know about unconventional FW (never worn )just being left alone and not being called names, yelled at or becoming an argument of malevolent conversations -at least when i'm present.artisticeccentrichippienatureruralmale35to44Italy2
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt75walkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherits sorta hothealthiersensationsexyweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI love going barefoot and like dirty soles.noneartistichippienormalmale45to54United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesminimalistminimalist25-50gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesyes25-503to5yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylesensationfitcomfortyesyesnoI really never think about it much.Tolerance.normalmale25to34United States3
otherMy work shoes are Vivo Barefoot Ra's, I don't think they fit your definition of minimalist, but they aren't conventional eitherbarefootother25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-503to5yshoppinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherwetnoneyesnoI prefer to go barefoot, however I have trouble getting over what other people might think of me, and I hate confrontation. After being thrown out of several grocery stores in town, I wear my minimalist shoes there.If it weren't for the not being able to shop and being asked to leave aspect, I would be able to better get over caring what other people think. If more people did it that would help to.normalmale45to54United States2
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt7510to20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehappiersensationclosersocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenoneattitudesnoyesnoShould be as conventional as wearing shoesStoriesnormalmale45to54South Africa4
barefeetminimalistotherhuarachesotherother25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherschool :)medicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingothershoes hurt my feet and backweathercolddiscriminationotherschool labsyes25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherschoolmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessotherschool labsnoneyesyesnoI enjoy being barefoot (bf) and do it as much as possible. When i can't i wear huaraches or sometimes minimalist shoes. I wear shoes to work, anatomy lab, and when the weather is too cold and muddy for huaraches. I would go shopping and in public bf more if i wasn't harassed by employees who believe it's against some law.athleticeccentrichippienaturenormalpaleootherconspiracy theoristmale35to44United States2
flipflopsbarefootbarefoot50-75runningwalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesotherworkyeslt253to5yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingculturalhealthiersensationotherworkyesyesnoI like going barefoot.To leave me along and let me go barefoot.athleticnatureruralmale55to64United States3
barefeetminimalistshoesbarefootminimalist50-75gt20ywalkingshoppingsocializingotherEnjoy feeling the gound under my feet. My feet feel freer and I feel so much better in myself when I earth with the groundhealthiersensationcloserGenerally feeling better in myselfdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-50gt20ywalkingshoppingsocializingAny activities outside of workotherReasons gihealthierhappierHaving my soles bare to the ground but other people not being able to see itnoneyesnoI have no problem with anyone being barefoot or wearing "footwear" that is differentDon't really need support from others but I think it is good that societies exist so that us barefooters can share experiencesartistichippienaturenormalmale45to54United Kingdom2I would prefer to be totally barefoot all of the time but it is not practical in the real world. I have to wear boots at work as I work in engineering. Socially I am barefoot as much as possible but I do wear bottomless shoes (basically foot covers) in situations where where I need "to be seen" wearing shoes. It is a disguise but it avoids confrontation.
barefeetsandalsshoesbarefootbarefootgt753to5yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonedontknowyesnoI much prefer being barefoot than shod, firstly for spiritual reasons but also I prefer to feel the different temperatures and textures of the earth. If not encouragement just acceptance that it's your choice. hippienaturenormalnudistmale25to34United Kingdom5I wish society was more barefoot friendly as I have had many people interested in my lifestyle and wished that they had the courage to try it themselves but won't because they don't wish to be outcast by people.
flipflopsshoesflipflopsshoeslt251to3ywalkingotherTravelinglifestylesensationsexydiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonecostyesyesyesMore positive images of barefoot lifestyle in popular mass media (TV, movies).normalmale35to44United States2
sandalsbarefootsandals50-751to3yhikingwalkingdrivingworkmedicalhealthierfitnesssensationweathercoldyesnevernevernoneyesyesI agree with wearing, or not wearing, it.Support from society would be to ignore my choices, don't draw attention to what I wear because I am a private person. People should educate themselves as to why others do/wear what they do, instead of making snap and ignorant judgements, and to be aware that if we make a choice, we can take care of ourselves. That applies to more than just footwear.normalpaleomale45to54Canada4We need to be brave/determined enough to take the first few steps (no pun intended) and be the example. I've positively influenced half my office by being barefoot there most of the time.
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootflipflops25-50gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyes25-501to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnonenoneyesyesnoPeople should be allowed to wear or not wear what they wantNo interference when I decide to be barefoot Would be barefoot 100% of the time if not for the bs comments you sometimes getnaturenormalnudistmale55to64United States3
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherIt makes me feel sexy!healthierhappiersensationsexyotherMakes me feel more alive.groundsocialnormsotherMostly my work as I am a lawyer and I think it looks unusual to be barefoot when wearing a suit.yesnevernevernonenonenonenoneyesnoI love it. I wish more people would do it. I love being barefoot that is not having anything on my feet at all. I will never wear unconventional or minimalist shoes. Its all or nothing. I also find most neat and clean barefoot people amazingly attractive!Just to understand that I am not a tramp when I go barefoot - I am not breaking any laws and I do not cause harm to anyone. Just treat me like a normal person (here is Australia I am lucky that most of the time this is what happens although sometimes I still feel silly being "caught" barefoot in the mall)athleticnaturenormalnudistmale45to54Australia5I love being barefoot. I love barefoot people. I wish most people would want to live this way!
barefeetbarefootbarefoot50-753to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserneveryesnoI love to be barefoot.I am barefoot when not at work.normalmale45to54United States4
barefeetshoesbarefootshoeslt255to10ywalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoCan't see the point of unconventional/minimalist footwear. In my mind it either normal footwear or barefoot.My biggest problem is the social stigma attached to being barefoot, especially if you're male. I'm not confident enough to go barefoot anywhere near as often as I'd like, as if barefooting was a social norm I know I would barefoot nearly all the time, apart from where protective footwear was actually needed (not necessarily everywhere where it is required just because somebody somewhere has decided it's required).normalmale35to44United Kingdom3If barefooting was a social norm I'm sure I'd be a lot healthier, as I'd go out for walks more often (barefoot of course).
minimalistflipflopsbarefootflipflops50-751to3ywalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthiersensationweathercolddiscriminationyeslt251to3ywalkingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthiersensationweathercoldweatherwetdontknowyesnoMore people should do itIf more people went barefoot it would feel easier to do it in publicnormalmale35to44United Kingdom1
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherweightliftinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenoneyesnoIt's irrelevant - the individual should decide what they want to wear or not want want to wear, not stupid social pressure, especially when that social pressure is based on completely false reasoning. I started going barefoot during the 1970s when it was a fad and was accepted in certain small social circles and never stopped. Everyone needs to know that "shirts and shoes required" carries no more weight than "jackets required" does in a fancy restaurant.To have stores and restaurants stop believing the myths and lies that were perpetuated by those that did not like hippies over 40 years ago and have people be able to think for themselves enough to not be brainwashed by the fashion industry, but to rebel against it like we did over 40 years ago. We need to have today's young people realize that they have been handed a bait-and-switch in the form of flip flops now being pushed as "freedom", "casualness" and being "laid back". Today everyone associates even beaches with flip flops. There are pictures of those on every beach town t-shirt in the US. People who think they are fun loving and free put stickers of flip flops on their cars. There are flip flop shaped souvenirs, picture frames, and jewelry. During the 1970s all those same kinds of things were shaped like footprints. Beach town t-shirts had footprint pictures on them. We had footprint shaped bumper stickers. Footprint shaped custom gas pedals for your car, etc. Not that of a commercial product you have to buy. We called summer barefoot season, not flip flop season.artisticeccentrichippienaturemale55to64United States4Because young people of today do not know that going barefoot in public was once fairly common in many parts of the country and was actually considered a hip and cool thing to do for a few years,(though by a relatively narrow demographic)they do not even know it is even an option. Groups that are advocating for barefoot rights seldom mention the history of this and really need to. If people know that this was once done much more than it is now, maybe they will stop and think that maybe they can again. And they need to realize that it was not just hippies doing it, even if they were at least partly responsible for making it a trend.
barefeetotherReal Mocasinsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationcloserotherProper use of feet!lt25gt20yotheronly if forced tononeotherwhen forced to have something on my feet, I want as little as possiblenonenoyesno Footwear should ONLY be worn when necessary as another tool! We wear gloves ONLY WHEN NECESSARY versus all the time, footwear should be the same way! When you are in a climate that is extremely cold, then NOT wearing footwear would be dangerous! Same with too hot! And I say that with stipulations! Too hot or too cold, is subjective to each person's makeup! for ME, too cold is below 20degrees (F) and wet! Dry ground is not as bad as wet! Below zero is dangerous after 10minutes or so, WET ground at these temps, is almost immediately dangerous (again subject to person) None! I believe that 'society' is what's wrong with the world! I do what is natural, EVEN when it isn't socially accepted! Society believes you should dress a certain way, eat a certain way, even MARRY a certain way, and these same people ALL have at least one thing they do different than others. I say be yourself and let society think what it wants too!normalmale65plusUnited States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesflipflopsshoeslt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgroundyeslt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationfitcomfortweathercoldweatherwetyesyesyesIt has many many benefits that people don't realise until they to do it for themselves. I don't agree that barefoot is acceptable everywhere. It can be a mindset. Running through the park and through puddles barefoot, you have to accept that its ok in your mind, having been bought up in shoes for the first 35 years of your life.None, but it helps if your immediate family understand your reasons why.athleticnormalmale35to44United Kingdom1We live in a town with access to walks and cycle routes. I don't go barefoot running locally very often, partly because of stigma and partly because I know from cycling that people are careless with glass bottles. However I work in a rural location. I bike right to a local village and like to barefoot run 2/3 miles through the village, past farms and fields. So it can get messy but the way my body works collectively is such a great feeling. I cannot get that in shoes because my feet cannot guide/restrict my movements to what the rest of my body is happy with. If that makes sense.
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootflipflops50-7510to20yhikingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherComforthealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationotherwork requires shoesyeslt255to10yshoppingsocializingotherbecause i healthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldweatherwetdiscriminationyesyesnoI'm aware of the health benefits of barefooting but I go barefoot because I am most relaxed when i am barefoot. It is the most comfortable way of getting around. I wear sandals most of the winter unless the weather demands more protection. I enjoy barefooting in the snow as much as I can.My friends accept me as a barefooter. The greatest challenge I face is people making up rules about why I can go barefoot. Most people are ignorant about the benefits of barefooting as well as what the law or health codes say about it.artisticeccentricnaturenormalnudistruralmale45to54Canada3
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetimegt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoIt is natural and healthy.artisticeccentricnaturenormalruralmale65plusUnited States5
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefoot50-753to5ywalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierfitnesssensationsexyweathercolddiscriminationyes25-501to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingothercold outsihealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingweathercoldweatherwetwhattowearyesyesnoDon't care what people think about what I wear or don't wear on my feet.Noneeccentricnormalmale35to44United States2
minimalistbarefootminimalist50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationotherWork yes25-503to5ywalkingshoppingworkotherWhen I canhealthierhappiernoneyesnoLove it Just let me be athleticnaturemale25to34United States1
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt251to3yotherNormally barefoot, minimalist shoes when needed or requirednonehappierfitnesssensationgroundnoyesnoI prefer to be barefoot than to wear ahoes, I wear minimalist shoes when I have to wear shoes unless I am in a dangerous environment were I need thick soled shoes.I do not much care what society thinks I enjoy going barefoot and most of the time do as I please.athletichippienatureruralmale18to24United States2
minimalistbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyeslt253to5yrunningwalkingshoppingsocializingculturalhealthierhappierfitnesscostnoyesnoIt should be as normal as going gloveless.Less discrimination. artisticathleticnaturenormalmale45to54United States3
barefeetflipflopsbarefootflipflops50-75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingsocializingotherYogalifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-505to10yrunningotherWhen protesensationfitcomfortnoyesnoathleticnudistmale45to54United States2
minimalistbarefootflipflops50-75gt20yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierclosersexygrounddiscriminationyesgt755to10ywalkingshoppingworklifestylesensationfitcomfortcostyesyesyesI prefer going barefoot. I grew up in a small town which was close to countryside and I found it much easier as a child to be barefoot. I now live in a city and it's very difficult to feel comfortable barefoot as I am very aware that there are sharp objects and lots of people who could stand on my feet! I absolutely think going barefoot is a good thing. I am barefoot as often as I safely can be. If I am barefoot, although I feel more confident, I also feel more vulnerable and I think society could really benefit from that. Just having that connection.A more foot-friendly environment in the city. I live in London and although some areas are great, others are terrible and full of horrible stuff on the pavement which makes it difficult to go barefoot.artisticeccentrichippienaturefemale25to34United Kingdom1
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootminimalist50-753to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehappiersensationweathercolddiscriminationyes50-753to5ywalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehappiersensationweatherhotdiscriminationyesyesnoWear what you feel comfortable in and comfortable with.I don't need any support from others but it's nice knowing they don't care.normalmale25to34United States2I have to wear boots at work, otherwise I am barefoot in warm weather and wear minimalist shoes in cooler weather.
minimalistbarefootminimalistgt755to10ywalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationsexydiscriminationsocialnormsyeslt25lt1yshoppingsocializingculturalsensationnonenoyesnoPeople make too much fuss about it.People NOT making a fuss about it.normalmale55to64United States1
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime10to20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationyesnevernevernonenonenonenoneyesyesnoThe same as with hats; wear one if you want to but I don't care if you don't.Support of friends is most of it. I live in a *very* barefoot friendly area - not by accident, either.eccentricmale45to54United States5I've only had issues with going barefoot in the USA; no other country has even blinked at it, although friendly questions are common.
barefeetminimalistsandalsshoesbarefootbarefoot25-50gt20yrunningwalkingsocializingworkotherMost comfortablehealthierhappiersensationweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyes25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherWear when healthierhappierweathercoldweatherwetsocialnormsyesyesnoI love it, it's the most natural way to beDon't really need any - everyone thinks i'm weird anyway!artisticnaturepaleoruralfemale45to54United Kingdom3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingotherSurfing :)otherComforthappierfitnesssensationsocialnormsotherWork Expectationsyes25-503to5yrunningworkotherWork, RougimpressingdontknowyesnoI prefer to be barefoot when I can, but I'm also happy to wear minimalist shoes whenever I'm in a situation where this is a social norm.Minimal support (hahaha, get it?) from society. I'm not really expecting society to change much to suit me, and I don't really go in for any kind of barefoot activism. I'm happy to go with the flow, especially now that there are plenty of minimal footwear options that meet other peoples expectations and are quite comfortable to wear. It helps that attitudes are fairly laid back where I live.athleticeccentrichippienaturenormalmale35to44Australia5
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootminimalist50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesI'm much more comfortable that way and always go either barefoot or minimal ( aside from the occasional night out). I simply don't get why other people case so much about what I wear or don't wear on my feet. It's not really their businessmore acceptance normalfemale35to44United Kingdom3
minimalistbarefootminimalist50-755to10yrunninghikingwalkingsocializingworknonehealthierfitnesssensationimpressingweathercoldyes50-75runninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworknonehealthierwhattowearyesyesyesathleticeccentricmale25to34United Kingdom5
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-7510to20yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgroundattitudessocialnormsyes25-503to5yshoppingworklifestylesensationnoneyesnoNo big deal.Need my wife to get on board with it. eccentricnaturenormalmale35to44United States4
minimalistshoesminimalistminimalist50-75gt20ywalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgroundyesgt75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierweathercoldweatherwetyesyesnoI'm in charge of my personal comfort, if that means wearing unconventional shoes or no shoes, so be it. None! My feets! artisticeccentricnormalfemale45to54United States4
barefeetminimalistshoesminimalistbarefoot50-75gt20yrunningdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherComforthealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherSafetyhealthierhappiersensationweathercoldweatherwetgrounddiscriminationyesyesnoBarefoot is healthy, natural and comfortable, I love to feel the ground and other textures beneath my feet. Unfortunately society will claim it is unhealthy, dangerous or just odd.Understanding; why should bare feet be worse than bare hands?eccentrichippienatureruralotherVeganmale45to54United Kingdom4
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherLiving in general!otherMind, body , heart, spirit... I it just feels all around right.healthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyotherIncreased awareness. Clarity of thoughts. Feeling of security and well being.grounddiscriminationyeslt251to3yrunninghikingshoppingotherClosest thhealthierhappierfitnesssensationotherRather go barefoot!noyesnoThat is how we were meant to be.I don't need support, however nice it would be!artisticathleticeccentricnaturenormalruralotherProfessional, and a survivor.female35to44United States2Love that this survey exists.
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootshoeslt25gt20ywalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt251to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehappierattitudessocialnormsdontknowyesnonudistmale45to54United Kingdom2
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldsocialnormsyeslt253to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesnoBarefoot should be more socially acceptable. My feet are cleaner than 'their' shoes. I need to not be kicked out (or asked to put shoes on) of restaraunts, malls, grocery stores for being barefootartisticathleticnaturenormalfemale55to64United States3
otherCheap sneakersbarefootbarefoot50-753to5yhikingwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonenonedontknowyesnoI wish I lived in a warr friendly place where going barefoot was "normal".It helps to know there are others like me.naturenormalmale45to54United States1If only people knew the truth about going barefoot!
otherdoctors marginal & pumpsotherother50-753to5ywalkingsocializingworkspiritualhealthierhappiersensationclosergrounddiscriminationyes50-753to5ywalkingshoppingsocializingspiritualhealthierhappiersensationgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyesyesnoeccentrichippienaturefemale25to34United Kingdom3
barefeetflipflopssandalsbarefootflipflops25-50gt20ydrivingworkotherat the gymshoes hurt. happierweatherhotweathercoldgroundyesneveryesnoI don't have an opinionnormalfemale55to64United States3
sandalsshoesnoneshoesneverneversocializingothersometimes feels more comfortable than shoessensationweatherhotweathercoldgroundsocialnormsothercleanlinessyesnevernevernonenonenoneothernonedontknowyesyesBarefoot is not practical in an urban environment, and it does not feel like I'm missing out on anything. Maybe I could be sold on the idea, but I currently lack awareness of the 'pro', argument. Toe shoes do not look comfortable, and I am not familiar with the practical reasoning behind the design, so haven't ever thought about trying them. How are flipflops not 'minimal shoes'? I don't understand that. I don't wear those either, though. Foldable shoes seem like they might come in handy in certain situations - perhaps for people who wear heels to work, and want an easily stowable and more comfortable shoe to wear during their commute. Beyond that- I like to walk, and they don't seem like they'd provide enough support for that. artisticeccentricnormalfemale35to44United States1
sandalsshoessandalssandalsnevernevernoneotherComfortweatherhotweathercoldgroundattitudesdontknownevernevernonehealthierhappierotherAm interested in the idea but have not investigated it. Usually need arch support in my shoes and would be worried that was lacking.yesnoThe anti-fashion side of me would like to believe that the only requirement for footwear should be safety - that outside of certain situations where safety is a real requirement, people should be free to wear what they find comfortable/stylish. And therefore I do not care what people wear as long as they are happy. I think I mostly achieve this with regard to other people. But when it comes to my own choices, I am still somewhat hung-up on how I am perceived by other people, and tend to go for unremarkable choices - I would prefer that people not notice my shoes, or if they do, it is only to complement them. I'd prefer not to feel this way, but still do. For the prejudice about women with big feet to go away! If I wasn't self-conscious about the size of my feet, I would probably not care what others thought about my shoes. artisticnaturenormalfemale35to44Australia2In Australia you will see people barefoot, especially in summer and in beach-adjacent areas. As a kid, I thought nothing of going to the shop barefoot. I would not do this as an adult. I'm not interested in walking barefoot outside - I hate the feeling of gravel, rough surfaces etc. Also, I find I need arch support and strong soles or I experience foot pain. But my footwear preferences are for light, unrestrictive shoes that I don't consciously feel. At home, my shoes come off the instant I am inside, and at work they are usually off under the desk.
shoesotherthin minimal flatsshoesshoesnevernevernonemedicalhealthierhappierweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsothersafety at work and in the desertyeslt25lt1yrunningonly runnihealthierhappiersensationweathercoldweatherwetotherstyle and options, need more protection for hiking/work activitiesyesyesyesIt's fine when it's practical, but it often isn't, so I don't. I work a lot outdoors with tools in mountainous areas with biting insects, sharp vegetation, and often cold wet weather. The rest of my time in public, I'm mostly running errands or going out to eat in the city, where broken glass, litter, oil, etc. are common on the ground.I would like a wider range of women's styles with a wide toebox, including hiking boots and casual or dress shoes. I have a narrow heel and a long, wide forefoot, and it's VERY hard to find shoes that fit right. Beyond that, I don't have much desire to go barefoot. My hands get scuffed up enough at work as it is.natureotherPragmatic scientist-typefemale25to34United States2
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefoot50-75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt251to3yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnessfitcomfortweathercoldcostyesyesnoI have no problem with accepting either one.Positive comments from others about footwear choice, or lack of footwear.artisticathleticeccentricnaturenormalnudistmale45to54Canada2
flipflopsshoesshoesshoeslt25neverdrivingsocializingothercomfortsensationweathercoldgroundotherhygiene of placesdontknownevernevernoneotheruglynoyesyesnormalfemale25to34United States2
barefeetshoesotherBare feet April-Oct, leather shoes the rest of the yearbarefootshoes50-753to5yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializingotherschoolotherit's more comfortable! I like the different textures of grass, tiles, rugs, etchappiersensationclosersexyotherBare feet go better with my outfits :-)weathercoldgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenoneotherThey look foolishdontknowyesyesI love being barefoot! It was especially possible on my University's campus, though- now that I've graduated, it's harder to find ways to be barefoot. I walk around barefoot in my neighborhood, but must wear shoes to work. I think that being barefoot is more healthy spiritually, and also just easier and more pleasant. In terms of society, it would be nicer if stores and public spaces (like trains) were more friendly to barefoot people. I don't really like wearing shoes, but I don't like getting thrown out of restaurants either. artisticeccentrichippienaturenudistotherfeministfemale18to24United States3
minimalistminimalistminimalistlt255to10ydrivingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddontknowallthetime1to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnonedontknowyesyesnormalfemale35to44United States1
otherflatsshoesshoeslt25neverotherOnly at homelifestyleweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormswhattowearnonevernevernoneyesnoartisticeccentricnaturefemale25to34United States1
flipflopssandalsshoessandalssandalsnevernevernonesensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudesdontknownevernevernonesensationfitcomfortweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudeswhattowearcostdontknowyesnoIts great as long as the environment is safe. I live in the city so that wouldn't be safe. But I'm always barefoot inside my own home and in grassy parks/yards, especially in the summer when it's warm. I often take my shoes off at work when im sitting at my desk but still have socks or tights on. I wouldn't mind if other were barefoot in stores or restaurants but I probably wouldn't do it because my feet are always cold and those places tend to be air conditioned.Clean ground with no trash/hazardous items/rocks etcnormalfemale25to34United States1
flipflopsbootsflipflopsflipflopsnevernevernonenonenoneweatherhotgroundnonevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortweatherhotweatherwetgroundcostnonoyesit's up to the person but I don't feel comfortable walking in public areas without protection for sharp objects on the ground like broken glass and gravelI wear what shoes I find comfortable regardless of other people's judgmentsnormalfemale25to34United States1
minimalistsandalsshoesminimalistshoeslt25gt20yhikingwalkingotherComforthealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgroundyes25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierotherAlmost like going barefoot without the drawbacksweathercoldotherInsurance: alpine rescue is only covered when wearing proper hiking bootsyesyesyesWherever comfortable or culturally appropriateNearly noneathleticeccentricfemale35to44Switzerland3
shoesshoesshoeslt25neverotheri'm always barefoot at homeculturalnoneweatherhotgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonesocialnormscostnoyesyeshonestly, i had no idea this was even a movement.if i didn't have to stop and put shoes on to go into a store and going barefoot didn't provide any barriers to everyday activities, i might. also, if the asphalt in florida didn't get so dang hot!artisticeccentricfemale18to24United States2
shoesshoesshoesnevernevernonenonehappiergroundsocialnormsothergives me anxietynonevernevernonenonehealthierhappiernonefitcomfortweathercoldotherugly designyesnonoI find it gross when I see barefooted people with filthy feet walking around town. It makes me nervous to look at them for fear they will hurt themselves by stepping on something dangerous.To lose the dirty hippie connotation. artisticeccentricnaturefemale25to34Australia3It is not unusual in Australia to see people barefoot on public transport/in supermarkets - especially on the east coast north of Sydney and up.
minimalistflipflopssandalsshoessandalssandalslt25nevernonemedicalotherI don't go barefoot in the way you define itweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt25walkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessgroundsocialnormswhattowearotherI work in a hospital, I need a covered, reinforced toeyesyesyesFine but not in public with other people say in a restaurant Clean floors where you are going artisticnormalfemale45to54United States2
flipflopsshoesshoesshoesnevernevernoneotherI like being barefoot.healthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsdontknownevernevernoneotherTo make myhealthierhappiersensationfitcomfortcostotherI've never seen a store sell them where I live.yesyesyesI would probably never go barefoot in public just for the fact that the public is pretty gross. I am not going to get dirt and whatever else might be on floors on my feet or risk stepping on broken glass. Shoes obviously get dirty, but I don't have to wear shoes inside my house. In addition, the weather around here would make walking barefoot on roads or sidewalks unbearable.I don't need any support from society to wear my preferred footwear because my preferred footwear is flats or sandals. If minimalist shoes weren't so expensive, I would look into wearing those.artisticeccentricnormalfemale18to24United States2
minimalistshoesbarefootshoeslt251to3yrunningothernon-running activities at the gym, pilates, etc.otherit makes running feel more fun for me. Like I used to when I was a little kid?sensationIt feels like youth and freedom to me.weathercoldnolt251to3yrunningotherI wear my happierweatherwetnoyesyesI love the sensation of running barefoot, and run without shoes as often as I can, (I mostly run on a concrete track, outside, or on an indoor metal track). When it's too cold I switch to minimalist shoes. I the summer, at home I prefer to go totally barefoot at home. For walking, shopping etc. I find a 1" wedged heel to be most comfortable (even more comfortable than my minimalist shoes). I mostly go barefoot in an environment where barefoot is accepted (the YMCA). I have met with nothing but approval from other runners when I'm out running (on concrete trails) barefoot.chubby urban smartassfemale35to44Canada3
sandalsshoessandalsshoeslt25gt20yotherjust walking around the house, sometimes in my parents' yardmedicalsensationweatherhotgroundattitudessocialnormsdontknowneverneveryesyesI think wearing no footwear in a public urban environment is unsafe and possibly poses a threat to others (from a medical safety standpoint). That being said, I realize that there is also a huge cultural bias against not wearing footwear. There is a woman on my university campus that doesn't wear footwear and I frequently find myself judging her in my head for it. I do go barefoot at home and when I visit my parents (who live in the country).I think it's really dumb that women are expected to wear uncomfortable shoes (i.e., most high heel shoes) for the sake of fashion. I think it would be better if there were more realistic and practical shoe options for women.normalfemale25to34United States1
flipflopssandalsshoesshoesflipflops25-50gt20yhikingwalkingnonehealthiersensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsdontknowlt255to10ywalkingsocializingmedicalnoneweathercoldweatherwetnoyesyesnaturenormalfemale25to34United States2
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime10to20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserimproved back and kneesdiscriminationnonevernevernonenonenoneDon't have the need since I always go barefootnoyesnoIf other people saw them more they'd be more accepting.Legal and organizational. We really need an organization that makes a fuss about barefoot discrimination (like the NRA does with guns). When a store or other place kicks one of us out, we need the group that will send an official letter on official letterhead, and also educate them properly.eccentricnaturenudistmale55to64United States3
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-503to5yrunningshoppingmedicalhealthierfitnessyesnoI prefer barefoot. I only wear minimalist for thermal protection or for racing (running) over challenging terrain. I work in an office environment and wear moccasins 90% of the time there. I have to. Well the usual - acceptance of barefoot. athleticnormalmale55to64Saudi Arabia3I don't like the questions about time barefoot because it doesn't really address why I can't be barefoot - just how much time I am. I can't be barefoot at work but I have to. No choice. Same about running in burning hot weather 100 deg or higher - I have to wear shoes. I choose to wear shoes when very high performance running is required over challenging terrain. I wish I didn't have to - but I lose time slowing or watching my foot plant over rocks or bad asphalt.
barefeetsandalsbarefootbarefootallthetimegt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylesensationclosersexyothermedicalweathercoldyeslt253to5yotheruse them in extreme cold weatherothereasier on noneweatherhotdontknowyesnoWhatever works. Most of the minimalist footwear is not very breathable. I need something that breathes. Vibram fivefingers are horrible in they do not breathe. if they did, I would wear them more often.eccentrichippieruralmale35to44Canada4
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime5to10yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhappiersensationsexyotherfeet don't sweat as badweathercoldyesnevernevernonenonenoneotherdeformed toes never work with minimalist shoesyesyesnoWhatever works. I started going barefoot about 14 years ago and now every time I wear shoes, my feet sweat so badly I blister.I don't care what anyone says - except my husband who supports me.hippienaturefemale45to54Canada4
barefeetotherboots in snowbarefootbarefootgt75walkingdrivingshoppingsocializingothercomfort, pleasure, and mental clarityhealthierhappiersensationothermental clarityweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnono opinion on unconventional footwear. on no footwear, it's a wonderful and natural thing to do, and a shame more people don't try it.noneeccentricotherwriter, intellectualmale55to64United States3
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldyeslt251to3yrunningwalkingotherin extremeotheravoid frostbitenonedontknowyesnoIt is a good experience.Very litle.eccentricmale25to34United States4I have found barefoot exercise to assist in playing volleyball.
minimalistsandalsshoesbarefootbarefootgt755to10ywalkingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt253to5yshoppingsocializingotherwear when healthierhappiersocialnormsnoyesnoeccentricnormalmale55to64United States4
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt251to3yhikingwalkingshoppingotheras per abootherprotection from elements; access to locationsnonenoyesnoi prefer to be barefootgenerally, not much. it is a personal decision for me and it matters not what others say, do or think.normalfemale55to64Canada4
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherComforthappiersensationotherSafety laws (OSHA)nonevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoIt should be more socially accepted.None.eccentricpaleomale35to44United States3I just don't like wearing shoes. It's as simple as that.
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI now go barefoot 24/7. I have not worn shoes at all in three years and my feet are becoming stronger all the time. The more I go barefoot the less I ever want to wear shoes again! I have seen feet that have never worn shoes and I wonder at why nobody has ever noticed just how bad shod feet look, or how they can ignore just how much they stink. How can people think that shoes are healthier? The answer is that it is pure culture. They simply don't think about it at all. And they don't think before telling people off for going barefoot either, even if they are a tribe who have been barefoot since the dawn of man.I honestly don't need any, I am perfectly capable of standing up to the ignorance. I just wish there was no ignorance to stand up to.artisticathleticeccentricnaturemale25to34United Kingdom2We need to get some publicity for the barefoot movement! We need to get out there and do something big and showy to impress people!
barefeetshoesbarefootshoeslt2510to20yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingotherIt's simply more comfortable.healthierhappierfitnesssensationotherMore comfortable.discriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonedontknowyesnoPersonal choice. Nobody should have the right to forbid it in public places. Also, much more comfortable. Seriously. Conventional shoes are so annoying...No support needed. As long as people don't forbid it, I'll do it.eccentricnaturemalelt18United Kingdom3
barefeetshoesotherdepends on season (and I wear gloves in winter, too)otherother50-75gt20yworkotherbut I am self-employedlifestylehealthierfitnesssensationweathercoldyesnevernevernonelifestylenonenonenoyesnoIt should be more common.I need more support from the climate - 60° difference in 24 hours is not that unusual (one to three times a year) so I can properly toughen my soles.eccentricnaturenormalmale65plusUnited States3
barefeetflipflopsotherHuaraches (e.g. XeroShoes)barefootbarefoot50-75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationyesyesnoI love being barefoot! I am barefoot a majority of time outside of work. I think people should be allowed to be barefoot wherever they want. More tolerance and less ignorance regarding the supposed "dangers" of being barefoot. artisticeccentricnaturenudistmale45to54United States3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationyeslt251to3yworkotherHave to footherNo benefits above bare feet, but better than typical shoesnonenoyesnoI would love to be barefoot all the time. There are no laws against it, yet businesses love to discriminate (and apparently they don't like my money). The only things that needs to change are social norms. There are no laws holding us back, just people who feel the need exert control over others.I don't need support.athleticnaturenormalmale25to34United States1
shoessandalsshoes25-50gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingcampingnoneotherto enjoy the outdoorshealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldyesneveryesnoGets me closer to nature. Enjoy the outdoors.naturemale55to64United States4At work I need to wear shoes. When in city, I usually wear Birkies. I see no reason to go barefoot at Walmart, etc. Barefooting is an outdoor activity for me.
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationsexyweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyeslt253to5yhikingotherdangerous workothersafetyotherprotection from sharp, jagged metal, molten metalnonenoyesnoGoing barefoot is a superior health choice, good for the wallet and environment, you feel the ground and your body just works better. I love it when I see others doing the same because it makes me feel less alone and, quite frankly, shoes gross me out quite a bit. I don't even care if people are rude, so long as they aren't physically stopping me from doing what I need to do because of my choices. Being allowed to work and being allowed in all stores would make my life a lot happier and easier.athleticeccentricnaturenormalnudistmale18to24United States3
barefeetminimalistotherBarebottom Shoes & non-shoe decorationsbarefootother50-75lt1yrunningwalkingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierfitnessweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-501to3yworkculturalotherTolerance from employersweatherwetnoyesnoNatural, healthy, humanChange in social attitudesnormalpaleofemale25to34United States2I am working to increase the social acceptability of going barefoot by teaching the negative repercussions shoes have had not just on our feet, but whole body health. You can access my work at my website,, where you can find my video series, Shoes: The Silent Killer, and other resources.
barefeetshoesbarefootshoeslt2510to20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehappiersensationimpressingweathercoldsocialnormsyesneverneveryesnoI wish there were less social pressure to wear footwear. Besides, Siberian climate prevents me from going barefoot most of the year, which is the reason I go barefoot less than 25% of the time.The support of the Significant Other is very important.normalothernerdmale35to44Russia3
barefeetsandalsbarefootsandals50-755to10yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyotherfreer movementgrounddiscriminationyeslt25lt1yrunningyesathleticnaturenormalpaleoruralfemale25to34United States3
minimalistsandalsshoesbarefootminimalistlt255to10ydrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-501to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehappiersensationsocialnormswhattowearyesyesnoOur feet can withstand more than most people know. Better education about foot resilience, change in societal norms, fewer NSNSNS establishments eccentricnaturenudistmale25to34United States2
barefeetshoes50-751to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldotherwork policyyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesyesIt's great. Unlike many people who identify themselves as "barefooters", I don't care much about the Rights of Barefooters. I talk to people who're interested and tell them my experience, but I've no calling to convert.I don't depend on any support, really. normalpaleomale45to54United States3
barefeetsandalsshoesbarefootshoeslt255to10yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingnonehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationwhattowearyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoEverybody has the right to wear any footwear or wear nothing despite opinion of other persons.For me, my wife's support is important.normalmale35to44Russia2
barefeetsandalsshoesnonesandals50-755to10yhikingwalkingsocializingworkotherRiding my bike, rehearsals and gigs with the bandotherIt is just more pleasurable than shoes, also, weather helps and helps with weather.healthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyotherEven when feeling sexy and impressing some people, those are not my main goals.discriminationattitudessocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI find minimalistic footwear kind of ridiculous, I rather go barefoot, and when barefoot, I feel nowadays much more comfortable than using shoes. Year after year I've been forgetting about shoes, so when using them I'm kind of repressed, I let my shoes just for those cases when safety is a real concern like when on the field in the forest or jungle, where you know there are certain thing that can harm a lot (I'm a botanist in tropical Andes...).I find that sometimes I attract some weird glances, and sometimes I avoid them using some sandals. I think I don't need some particular support, so far now I have been able to handle things right.hippienaturenormalnudistmale35to44Venezuela3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootflipflops50-7510to20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt253to5yworkotherWear them healthierhappierotherWork requires shoesfitcomfortweatherwetdontknowyesnoMy opinion is "to each their own". I personally don't care what others wear or not on their feet so why should they care about what I am wearing on my feet. I prefer to be barefoot but due to work restrictions, extreme weather conditions, and at times social expectations I don a pair of flips or minimalist shoes which the shoes are usually for work purposes. Just reassurance I won't lose my job over it and from society just to be left alone about my choice of footwear or lack of footwear.normalmale35to44United States2I typically wear slip on type footwear to restaurants to avoid confrontation and slip them off once seated. My employer is cautiously tolerant of my barefooting but still have quite a few restrictions though. I feel blessed to have some tolerance at work opposed to no tolerance. When shoes are required for work I wear the minimalist (Vivobarefoot) shoes most of the time. I have also found that if you dress normally for the occasion you are attending but go barefoot the negative attention/looks are much lower in occurrence.
flipflopssandalsshoesnoneshoes50-75gt20ydrivingsocializingworkotherI am just more comfortablehealthierhappiersensationcloserothercomfortweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyesnevernevernoneothercomforthealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesyesnoI am barefoot every chance I get. I have never worn unconventional footwear, because I do not find the aesthetically pleasing. I am sure I'd probably like the way they felt though. I don't think I'd go barefoot in some situations in order to protect my feet. Some places are just nasty. I would never go in a public restroom barefooted, for example.Honestly, I don't really care what people think. I don't know that I'd go in a store barefooted even if it were allowed just to protect my feet in general.artisticathleticfemale35to44United States3
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationyeslt251to3yrunningotherotherShoes are otherLess terrible than regular shoes.fitcomfortnoyesnoLive and let live.Waivers accepted from barefooters in the gym, etcetera. athleticeccentricnaturefemale25to34United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootflipflops50-751to3ysocializingworkotherAttending to classes in collegeotherIt's much more confortable than using shoeshealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgroundyeslt25lt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingworkAttending to classes in collegeothertheyr'nonecostThey're hard to find where I liveyesyesyesI think it's more confortable to be without shoes. I like to wear shoes sometimes, but I feel much more tired and unconfortable when I have to wear them.The streets where I live are too dirty, and full of shattered glass, sharp objects and open sewer. I wish I could walk barefoot all time, but I really would need the streets to be more clean, or else I would be stuck in some places. artisticeccentricother25to34Brazil1
minimalistminimalistminimalistlt2510to20yrunninghikingwalkingsocializingotherA toss-up between health and spiritualhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherHealth andhealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingweathercoldcostotherThe soles wear out a little more quickly than "non-minimalist" shoes.yesyesyesI would like to see less stigma associated with both unconventional footwear and going barefoot. Minimalist shoes seem more accepted than going barefoot, but not as accepted as "traditional" (heavy, confining, mainstream) shoes. Even if going barefoot were completely accepted, I would probably still wear minimalist shoes in many cases. Urban environments tend to be rough on the feet, as do certain outdoor environments. I would go barefoot more often and wear traditional shoes less often. I currently only wear traditional shoes for formal occasions or when expecting freezing temperatures that my current minimalist shoes aren't designed to handle.I mostly don't care about social norms, but occasionally I choose to wear clothing that conforms to them. In those cases, it would be nice to have minimalist shoe options seen as formal wear, although honestly I don't mind wearing the traditional shoes on rare occasions for short periods of time. It's like wearing a costume to me, which is ironic because my daily wear is what many would call a costume.artisticathleticeccentricnaturenormalotherReal Life Superheromale35to44United States2This is an excellent survey. Going barefoot or wearing minimalist shoes is somewhat accepted in certain subcultures around here, but mostly seen as an oddity. If I cared more about social conventions, I would be hesitant to wear minimalist shoes and especially hesitant to go barefoot. People sometimes find it fascinating or interesting when they see minimalist shoes, but they more often have negative impressions of barefooters. I wear toe shoes most of the time when the weather is above freezing. My reasons for going minimalist vs barefoot most of the time are mostly practical and somewhat aesthetic. Most of my walking is done in an urban environment with broken glass, gravel, hot pavement, ice, etc. I've met barefooters who seem to just handle that, but I've never gotten to that point. I prefer some small amount of protection on my soles with the freer and more natural posture allowed by toe shoes. Also, on an aesthetic level, I tend to wear almost exclusively green and black as part of my "Real Life Superhero" attire. The green and black toe shoes go well with the rest of the outfit and are very practical (aside from the expense and relatively short lifespan of only a year for the first pair).
barefeetotherxero shoe / huarcheothernonegt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierfitnessweathercoldsocialnormsyeslt25
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt253to5yrunningmedicalnoneyesyesnoartisticathleticeccentrichippienaturefemale25to34United States4
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetimelt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingworkotherAll of the above - it just feels right to me, on every levelhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexynevernevernonenonenonenoneyesnoIt's great! Everyone should have the freedom to wear (or not wear) whatever they like, and I wish more people would give barefooting a try. If they did, I imagine there would be a fair few more of us!Honestly, I'm pretty thick skinned - I started going barefoot full time ten months ago, and since then have only worn shoes for a couple of photoshoots I had arranged before making the decision to go barefoot. The last one was eight months ago, and I plan to never wear shoes again with only one exception. I am comfortable shopping elsewhere if I am discriminated against for being barefoot, and I am comfortable making lifestyle adjustments to avoid needing shoes. The one exception I mentioned above is if I go to a thrash metal gig - if I'm not bothered about being near the front, I'm comfortable barefoot, but if I want to get right up close to the barrier it's just too risky in such a rough crowd. Nothing society could do to change that, though - it's just a reality of that situation. So, while more support would be nice, the lack of it doesn't make me hesitate for a second.artisticeccentrichippiefemale18to24United Kingdom3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldyeslt25lt1yshoppingotherI wear mocnonenoneyesnoIt's just a part of me... I have no opinion, do what makes you happy. I haven't had many issues with society... I think it's a confidence issue. Act like you are doing something wrong you'll likely get called on it. .eccentrichippienaturenormalfemale25to34United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefoot25-50gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingspiritualhealthierfitnesssensationcloserweatherhotgrounddiscriminationattitudesyeslt2510to20yshoppingsocializingworkotherIts as clootherIts as close as i can get to bare footweatherwetwhattoweardonyesnoI think that the only reason that I must wear shoes of any kind is because of safety in a work enviroment, other than that I do not see the need for Shoes of anykind, though I will grant that I do prefer boots for rock climbing, and repeling. The real thing is that unless the situation is going to hurt me I don't see the reason for wearing shoes.Most people don't care if your just around thier home, or hiking or anything like that as long as you wash your feet or some such, but out side of private settings I see much disdain and perhaps even hate.athleticruralmale25to34United States3Cetain situations footwear is a must, like working with broken glass in the area, or on cement all day as it will get hot enough to burn your feet, anything that requires shoes well, i will wear them. But in general I prefer to feel my own feet on the ground, it keeps me in tune with certain aspects of my religion that many forget.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt75lt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingotherSensory reasons; I struggle with proprioception, which I think is autism-related.happiersensationcloserotherMy balance is better, and my feet don't get too hot.weathercoldsocialnormsyeslt251to3ywalkingshoppingsocializingotherComfort.happierotherThere's enough room for my toes! I don't even have particularly wide feet, but any shoes that aren't "barefoot" shoes squish my toes. If I can't go barefoot because it's between October and April (that's when it's too cold for my feet because I have poor circulation) then minimalist shoes are as close as I can get.noneyesnoI think it's great, personally. :) I don't have opinions about other people's footwear or lack thereof.Acceptance (usually by not noticing!), and not drawing negative attention to my feet.eccentricnormalotherI think I come across as a little weird when you get to know me, but mostly I come across as normal. I'm autistic but very good at hiding it around strangers.other25to34United Kingdom5Re: question 26 (Would you say that where you live is barefoot friendly?) I live in a seaside town.
otherSkateshoes, nice and wideotherotherlt25nevernoneotherFeels pretty nice if its warm and the floor isnt sharpsensationweathercoldgroundyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortweathercoldgroundwhattowearcostnoyesyesI honestly see little point in it. Shoes keep my feet warm and protected from harm. Maybe my feet would get tougher if I didn't wear them, but my feet don't NEED to be tougher. What I seek is comfort, not rough soles.I don't. I do as I wish.artisticathleticeccentricnormalGeek.male18to24United Kingdom1
shoesbarefootshoesneverneverlifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesneverneverfitnesssensationcostdonyesyeseccentrichippienormalfemale18to24United Kingdom1I've always wanted to try barefooting - I did it for a little bit when I was about 13 but stopped after getting catcalled for it. Haven't been brave enough to start again in the intervening 8 years.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldyes25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherWeather, whealthierhappierfitcomfortweatherwetcostnoyesnoIt’s a better approach to understand the needs and nature of our own feet. Any accessory we put on ourselves should be focused on functionality; fashion or aesthetics should come second. Ideally I’d rather be barefoot all the time, but I understand there are some situations where footwear should be mandatory for real security issues, for example: working on construction sites or working at a laboratory that uses dangerous chemicals, or even some medical issues like having diabetes or another handicap than prevents someone from being barefoot. Here’s where unconventional footwear should come in handy, showing an alternative that also takes into account the anatomy and mechanics of the foot. The best case scenario would be for conventional manufacturers to adopt this posture and provide a decent solution (that would hopefully reduce the ridiculous costs of minimalist shoes). In the end the modifications are few, just change the overall shape of the shoe to resemble a foot, eliminate heel elevation and toe spring and reduce the thickness of the soles (depending on the specific function of the shoe). There’s no need to reinvent anything and probable everyone’s feet would be much happier. The only thing I dislike of being barefoot is that many associate me with hippies, but studying to be a biologist, having long hair(because I like it), and wearing shorts (for comfort) doesn’t help either...I need a society that tries to understand the truth of ourselves and our world and makes decisions based on evidence instead of dogma, that just accepts diversity and leaves me alone to do what I think is best for me, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else in a negative way.artisticnaturenormalotherScientistmale18to24Guatemala2
barefeetsandalsshoesotherBallet slippers, jazz boots, hiking boots, muck boots, suede/wool winter bootsbarefootother25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingsocializingotherHomesteading (stacking wood, cutting brambles, harvesting bramble fruits, etc), modelinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationclosersexyweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationotherI'm concerned about walking barefoot on treated surfaces (winter). Health- I worked in podiatry, and even with sneakers on, somehow contracted a fungal toenail. Also I had bunions & low arches, & was told by my podiatrist to not walk barefoot or with minimal support.yesnevernevernonelifestylehealthierhappiersensationotherProtection from thorns when want to be barefoot.fitcomfortweathercoldweatherwetcostotherI'm concerned about wearing minimalist shoes on treated surfaces (winter). I had bunions & low arches, & was told by my podiatrist to not walk barefoot or with minimal support. Also materials used- I prefer natural materials- cloth or leather- to synthetic materials.yesyesyesI love it, and respect those who go barefoot more than I do. I think it should be "allowed" in more places & encouraged more.Price I can afford, my shoe size, comfort & materials used, availability where I can try them on, and societal encouragement.artisticathleticeccentrichippienaturenormalnudistruralotherAcademicfemale35to44United States5As a former podiatric patient, as well as a former Podiatric Assistant, my attitudes towards barefoot living have drastically changed in a very short time. Sadly, society's rules have not caught-up with the times of returning to ancestral ambulation. For footwear, I prefer natural materials, yet "progress" has moved us away from using the materials we have and towards a disposable culture. My first pair of hiking boots lasted about 10 years, my current pair are already breaking down (both leather-uppers). My leather ballet slippers & jazz boots have outlasted canvas, including withstanding bacteria-exposure. It's also difficult for me to find shoes in my size, and within my price range. I still have a way to go towards a minimalist/barefoot lifestyle, but I've at least moved far, far away from glass slippers (or at least high heels & shoes that crush my toes!). My favorite footwear tends to be seasonal/situational- hiking boots to protect from the elements, and ballet/jazz wear for dress-up & fun, but barefoot whenever I can!
barefeetminimalistshoesshoes25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherWhether I wear shoes don't have much to do with the activity.otherSo I don't have to put shoes on.healthierhappiersensationotherGoing outside is quicker because I don't have to stop to put my shoes on. Also my feet are cooler and less sweaty.weathercoldotherYou have to pay a bit more attention to walking when you go bare-foot. Sometimes I don't have the attention available or don't want to spend it on taking care of my feet.25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherEverything. see equivalent question for bare feet.otherThey are lhealthierhappiersensationotherthey are great for when I don't want to pay attention to where I'm walking but also don't want to carry around a 'brick' on my foot. I feel nimble in them.fitcomfortweathercoldweatherwetotherThe pair that I have let sand in easily, so I prefer not to wear them when walking on the beach. Also sometimes I am really tired and can't concentrate and I want lots of padding between my foot and the ground.I don't have an opinion on this.None. Sometimes people comment, either in an entertained/delighted way or in a concerned (ignorant) way. But I don't wear shoes/take them off to please others.normalmale25to34United Kingdom5General Comments, SIR! *smart salute* I don't think that going barefoot is a big deal. You have to change the way you walk, putting your forefoot down first, and you have to pay a bit more attention, and you have to take it a bit easy while your feet toughen up, but then it just gets to be normal. I have a rule of thumb: shoes are for keeping your feet warm (so they are warn throughout the winter months) and for special circumstances like when you're too tired to concentrate on where you put your feet (this happens to me quiet often because I'm autistic). In all other situations, there's really no need to wear shoes.
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootshoeslt253to5ywalkingsocializingworkotherI enjoy being barefoot and having my feet open to the elementshappiersensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyesnevernevernonelifestylesensationfitcomfortweathercoldweatherwetdonyesyesI love going barefoot and would do so more often if the weather more often allowed (it's too cold most of the year where I live), and if I were allowed to wear them in buildings (stores, restaurants, etc.)I would like people to accept my going barefoot and not caution me about glass all the time. I would also like acceptance of wearing no shoes both outdoors and in. There is also an odd unease around feet. Many people seem to dislike feet, especially their own. I'd love support of loving ones feet along with the rest of the body.artisticathleticeccentrichippienaturefemale18to24United States2
barefeetflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingothercomfort,health, spiritualityhealthierhappiersensationclosersexyweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonedonyesyesit's natural, it is better for your feet and your health, it keeps you closer to natureI need people in stores to stop being such shoe nazis.artisticeccentricnaturefemale45to54United States3
barefeetminimalistshoesminimalistshoes25-50gt20ywalkingotherJust have, most kids don't where shoes unless at school and that just continues into adulthood. Hardly any one here where's shoes at home.healthiergroundsocialnormsyes25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppinglifestylehealthierfitnessfitcomfortcostyesyesnoIt should be encouraged but a lot of people attach a social stigma to it. It's pretty much unacceptable to wander around work barefoot but most people go barefoot at home, go figure.General social change and awareness. There needs to be a lot more robust scientific study that has been peer reviewed and is able to take on the shoe industry. In mild climates like NZ there's no reason not to go barefoot as much as possible.normalruralmale35to44New Zealand2We do have a culture that is accepting of barefoot though there are limits.
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootflipflops50-75gt20ywalkingdrivingsocializingotherjust more comfortablehappierothercomfort!weatherhotweathercolddiscriminationwhattowearyeslt251to3yrunningshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthiernonenononormalfemale35to44United States2
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingweathercoldgroundattitudessocialnormswhattowearyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitcomfortweatherhotnoyesnoJust do it.More people going barefoot.athleticeccentricnormalfemale45to54New Zealand3
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt755to10ywalkingdrivingsocializingworkothercomforthappiersensationcloserweatherhotgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonefitcomfortcostyesyesnoI live in the desert, and I've tried to go barefoot 100%, but the asphalt simply gets too hot. I'm fortunate that my employer lets me go barefoot in the office. I just don't like the way shoes feel, and take them off the minute I'm able. I wear flip flops or slip on shoes only to protect from the hot or dangerous ground, and slip them off as soon as I'm able. Fortunately I have that support from my employer - which is surprisingly in a rather conservative CPA firm. Clients will occasionally make comments, but I laugh it off and tell them as an accountant, I need ready access to my toes. No one has actually complained! It would help if restaurants and stores would be more understanding. artisticeccentricnormalfemale35to44United States2I'm not terribly interested in minimalist shoes because I really don't like the feeling of anything on my feet. I've never tried them, so they might be an alternative to flip flops for me, but only if they're easy and fast to remove.
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationyes25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationgrounddonyesnoI believe it is the best long term option for me and my family.I need the support of my wife. ;-)athleticnormalpaleomale25to34United States4
flipflopssandalsshoesshoesshoesnevernevernonelifestylenonegrounddontknownevernevernonelifestylehappierfitnessgroundcostdonyesyesI am ok with being barefoot inside. My feet are sensitive to stepping on things, but don't mind wearing unconventional or minimalist shoesartisticnaturenormalfemale35to44United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootminimalist50-75hikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsotherDress codeyes25-503to5yhikingwalkingshoppingworkmedicalhealthierattitudesdonyesnoartisticeccentricnaturenormalpaleofemale45to54United States3
barefeetflipflopssandalsbarefootsandalsgt755to10ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingspiritualhealthierhappiersensationclosersexyweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt25lt1ywalkingshoppingsocializingculturalsensationweathercoldyesyesnoI love going barefoot. It is the most liberating feeling in my life.I just need people to let me go barefoot in peace and understand that my decision to go barefoot has nothing to do with them.artisticeccentricotherSpiritualmale25to34United States3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyeslt255to10yshoppingworklifestylehealthierhappiernoneyesyesnormalmale25to34United States4
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootshoeslt251to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormswhattowearyes50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationfitcomfortweathercoldwhattowearyesyesnoI want to be independent of shoes. I want to see how much my feet can adapt to running and hiking on a wide range of different ground surfaces without the artificial support of shoes.Less attention from peopleathleticnaturenormalmale25to34United Kingdom1
barefeetminimalistbarefootnonegt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherPersonal enjoymenthealthierhappiersensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyeslt251to3yshoppingsocializingculturalotherDon't get discriminated against.nonedonyesnoI would love to go barefoot everywhere. Fewer no shoes no service signs. Increased education and awareness in barefootedness for the general public, including dispelling myths of hygiene etc. eccentricnaturenormalfemale25to34United States2
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt251to3yshoppingmedicalnonecostyesyesnonormalmale35to44United States2
flipflopsbarefootbarefootgt753to5yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationhelps eliminate the effects of my arthritic kneesdiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenoneyesnoIt should be given no more thought by society than the kind of shoes people wear.Just leave me alone about my bare feet and I'll leave you alone about your shoes.artisticnaturemale55to64United States4
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudeswhattowearyes50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkculturalhealthierfitcomfortcostdonyesnoI only wear 'unconventional' when barefeet are not allowed or in safety/environmental conditions.I would just like to not have to be confronted by store owners, bus drivers etc. I'm ok with my friends/strangers giving funny looks or making comments, but with services I actually need its a bit annoying. I prefer going barefootathleticeccentricnaturenormalfemale18to24Canada4
barefeetminimalistotherTrimmed Xero sandalsbarefootothergt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgroundattitudesyeslt251to3ywalkingshoppingsocializingculturalhealthierotherOvercoming Social objectionsattitudessocialnormsnoyesnoCloser to barefoot, the better. If conditions prohibit barefoot, minimal sandals or shoes provide partial benefit.Education, better awareness from vendors, officials, and others as to the benefits of barefoot. Get rid of the perceived "ick" factor.artisticnormalruralotherEngineermale55to64United States1
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime5to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkspiritualcloseryesnoI don't wear shoes at all.I do whatever suits me.artisticathleticeccentrichippiepaleoruralmale25to34United States4
minimalistbarefootminimalist25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingotherLawn Mowing!medicalhealthierhappierfitnessweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalfitnesssensationnoneyesnoBarefoot running saved my running career.I'm a salesman, on construction sites most of the day. Barefoot is not an option but some nice minimalist shoes are.athleticnaturenormalpaleoruralmale35to44United States2
barefeetsandalsbarefootbarefootgt7510to20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationattitudesyesneveryesnoartisticnormalmale55to64United States4Survey might include a question about "barefoot sandals" (sole-less footwear meant to appear like sandals (in contrast to minimalist shoes which still have a sole).
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootshoeslt25gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierfitnesssensationcloserotherFeeling Naturalgroundsocialnormsyes25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierfitnesssensationsocialnormscostotherJob and smellyesyesyesIf it feels good do it.artisticeccentricnaturepaleootherFuturisticmale25to34Canada3Thanks
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworknonehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserothero hate shoes big feetattitudesotheremployment is professionalyesnevernevernonenonenonenoyesnoNo opinion. Just do it.No support needed to go barefooted.athleticnaturenormalmale45to54United States5I live in Los Angeles everyone respects each other and respects indiduality.
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationyes50-751to3yworkculturalotherTo make employers happy.fitcomfortnoyesnoI wish it was socially acceptable.naturenormalpaleomale25to34United States5
minimalistsandalsshoesminimalistshoeslt253to5ywalkingshoppingsocializingotherUniversity, dancingotherI like to feel the ground with my feet.happiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgroundyes25-50lt1ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherMy barefoohealthierhappiersensationcostotherI only have one pair of them, as of now, and those are only for the summer.yesyesyesI live in a university-town and love that you can do that here without being looked at twice. I know it's harder to do in a lot of other places. For me personally, the worst thing about going barefoot is that I have to do it pretty much all of the time, otherwise my feet don't get used to it and it gets (physically) hard to do it. Also, having to carry around some kind of footwear I can put on (for example when I have to use a public toilet) is a logistic hindrance. And I wouldn't want to use my bike barefoot, which means I have to have something to wear on my feet on my way to work, and am kind of shy about taking it off once I arive. I love that minimalist shoes are becoming more populare and are available in lots of different styles! The one with the separate toes still gets frowned upon, where I live, but the other styles, people just won't notice that these are "special shoes", so you can blend right in while feeling comfortable.I need to be taken seriously, not to be looked down on or treated different, just because I'm wearing no shoes.naturenormalothergeek/nerdfemale25to34Germany4
barefootbarefootgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationsexydiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt25lt1yotherdress code solutionlifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationsocialnormswhattoweardonyesnoartisticeccentricnormalmale18to24Russia2
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt7510to20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoWhatever makes you happy...The harm principle: if it doesn't hurt you, it's not your problem.normalmale45to54Spain3
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefoot50-753to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserotherAlso, I have massive, odd-shaped feet and most shoes are very uncomfortablediscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenoneI think it's healther, more comfortable and it really gives you a feel and appreciation for the ground under your feet.Mostly I get apathy (people who don't care one way or another), or mild/playful scolding from my co-workers. artisticeccentricmale35to44United States3
barefeetbarefootbarefoot50-755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldyeslt253to5yworkculturalfitnessweatherhotweathercoldyesnoDon need any support.athleticeccentricmale25to34Russia4
otherBarebottomsbarefootothergt75lt1ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherMy client shared with me the health benefits and once I tried it, I was hooked. It feels so good and so right!sensationcloserotherIt is very liberating.whattowearotherI live in So CA and I'm pretty sure, when summer arrives, some of the man made ground (concrete, asphalt) will be too hot, but so far, so good!yesnevernevernoneotherI am new thappiernoneyesyesAs I said, I'm new to this, it has been about six weeks since I started. When I first heard about it, I couldn't imagine walking barefoot all the time. Once I tried, I was so thrilled with how great it feels. It feels liberating and it makes me more aware and more mindful of both my body and my surroundings. I think everyone should at least try it for a week and see if it works for them. I admit it is probably easier for me then some other people in the world, because I am rarely self-conscious, self-employed, and work from home. I think all these things provide me more freedom to avoid some of the blocks that others might experience. Greater awareness of the barefoot lifestyle. Larger selection of non-soled footwear that is decorative and reduces the obviousness that I am barefoot. Although, I have only been met with positive responses, both about the Barebottoms and about being barefoot. artisticeccentrichippienormalpaleootherAcademic, female45to54United States5Not really certain if where I live is barefoot friendly or not. I live in Orange County, California, a fairly upscale, trendy place. I'm on the fringe in terms of fitting in. I do in terms of being a mom and how I present myself overall, but I am a free spirit at heart. I was expecting to meet with a lot of flack, but so far, only positive responses have come my way. I do see people checking out my Barebottoms, which is understandable, but everyone who has actually approached me, including employees at restaurants and markets, has been very positive and complimentary. My kids, best friend, and ex-husband, not so much! :)
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt7510to20yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthiersensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenoyesnoathleticeccentricnormalmale55to64United Kingdom3
barefeetshoesbarefootshoesgt75gt20yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingworkotherOutdoor festivalslifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexydiscriminationsocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonediscriminationotherNever been interested in wearing themnoyesnoI believe that going barefoot should be one's own lifestyle. I enjoy going barefoot because I am calm and relaxed. Also whenever I go somewhere barefoot, I feel totally stress free. I am now seeing more commercials of people being barefoot in the general society which could mean that barefooting is slowly making a comeback. Other than that, I know this is difficult but it mean a lot for barefooters if the majority of stores or fast food restaurants would do away with their "Footwear required" signs that they put on their front doors. In a way, it is discriminatory even though going barefoot in these establishments is not illegal. normalmale35to44United States4With all these websites dedicated to barefooting and social media expanding all the time, I believe that more people will hopefully take an interest to barefooting and understand that it is a different world than it is when someone is wearing footwear. The senses on the bottom of your soles become alert and hopefully people can know what a stress-free lifestyle it is.
sandalsbarefootsandalslt25gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationotherGoing barefoot on concrete is not comfortableyesnevernevernoneyesnoI would like to have the freedom to wear what I find most comfortable, which is often no footwear when the weather is warm.eccentrichippienatureruralfemale55to64United States1
barefeetbarefootgt755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingclimbingspiritualhealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenoneyesnoI love being barefoot. I feel it should be up to the individual to choose what he or she would like to wesr or not wear. I feel that everyone should be responsible in their decision I need dtores and resturants to be more acceptingeccentrichippienaturepaleofemale25to34United States3
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootallthetime1to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationotherPromoting bare feet (sbl goal)weatherhotdiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonenoneyesnoFeels good! Some people are very negative about bare feet. I try to let them know how disgusting the insides of their shoes seem to me, knowing they never wash them and that they harbor a soup of virii and bacteria in a perfect environment to multiply.People should stop judging others by their attire and stop imposing silly rules on people who are not hurting anyone. A theater manager refused to let me in barefoot. I pointed out that a woman with a loaded pistol hidden in her purse would be welcomed inside, as long as she was wearing shoes. He had no answer to that. Barefoot people are obvious and easy to spot. Hidden weapons require effort to exclude. Lazy security people don't protect anyone.eccentricnaturenormalnudistmale55to64United States5More people comment positively (if they comment at all) than negatively.
shoesbarefootshoeslt251to3ywalkingotherI like itsensationclosersexyweatherhotsocialnormswhattowearyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesyesAs for me, less shoes means more freedom.It will be great to find friends who prefer go barefoot. Besides, I'll be happy if wearing no footwear will become fasionable. normalmalelt18Russia3
shoesshoesshoesnevernevernonemedicalnoneweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyesnevernevernonemedicalhealthierfitcomfortweatherhotweathercoldweatherwetgrounddiscriminationdonyesyesimpractical in cold wet environmentssocietal acceptance of no shoes in public settings - stores, buildings etc - fix health codes/lawsnormalmale55to64United States1
barefeetsandalsshoesotherGladiator sandalsbarefootother25-5010to20ywalkingshoppingsocializingotherComfort, I just love to feel my bare feet directly to the ground. Also the feeling of being free from shoes is amazing and improves life quality when walking barefoot. I simply get much happier.happiersensationcloserweathercoldattitudesEven if I usually don't care and walk barefoot anyway I would lie if I said I wasn't affected by negative attitudes at some occasions and instead wear gladiator sandals then.yesneverneveryesyesBest feeling there is. It's comfortable and you get this Amazing feeling of freedom and simply makes you happier.More tolerance, most people find it strange behaviour, even though I am sure most of them would like to have the courage to walk barefoot in public sometimes. Instead they want to keep their "social position" and say it's weird or give funny faces to impress their friends. If they only sometimes would just stand in front of the mirror and question "barefoot? sandals? barefoot? sandals?" and decide to give barefoot a try more people would see other barefooters outside and get more Confident doing so themselves. I know for sure I get more comfortable seeing other being barefoot as well. Also just to ask yourself that question and decide "I walk 200 meters barefoot, if I change my mind I walk back and put my sandals on" they are likely to continue Walking barefoot as the initial pressure is released and you get the feeling of freedom slowly coming. It's more or less the usual thing in the society, the most loud anti-barefooters set the agenda.normalmale25to34Sweden3Comfort, I just love to feel my bare feet directly to the ground. Also the feeling of being free from shoes is amazing and improves life quality when walking barefoot. I simply get much happier. Regarding question 19. I like wearing gladiator sandals as they look good and are comfortable. This is mainly when it's a bit too cold to walk without shoes and at occasions where negative attitues are too prominent. Wearing fully covered shoes I don't like at all, but it's unfortunately a must in our cold climate during winters. Hence question 4 also tell how much I'm barefoot during summer time. (Approx 45/55 barefoot/gladiator sandals)
Sports shoesbarefootother25-501to3ywalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingweathercolddiscriminationsocialnormsyesnevernevernonenoneimpressingnonenoyesnoBest option. I love it. It should be more normal.Just knowing my friends and family are OK with it.Gaymale25to34Spain
barefeetsandalsshoesotherConverse, heelsbarefoototherlt2510to20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylesensationweathercoldgroundattitudessocialnormsyesyesnoWalking barefoot is the ultimate way of feeling like a free spirit. I enjoy every step and love the direct feeling of different grounds (grass, asphalt, gravel road etc) changing just next to my feet and the differences they have to offer rushing through my body.I'd like to see more social events where barefoot is highly encouraged, mainly to get people to see being barefoot in public is ok and nothing strange about. I know a lot of people like being barefoot but are too reluctant Walking barefoot in public due to being afraid of other seeing them as odd.normalfemale18to24Netherlands4If weather would allow, and there wouldn't be so much broken glass bottles in some areas as well as more socially accepted, I'd be a full-time barefooter. Due to work reasons (fully barefoot is not accepted) and bad climate during Winters it's mostly limited to summer time while off work where I try to walk fully barefoot as much as possible. When I was younger I spent more or less every minute of summers barefoot, too bad I can't do that anymore. :)
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist25-50gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyweathercolddiscriminationyes50-75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherEverything!lifestyleotherAs close as I can get to being barefoot.noneyesnoIt great!None.artisticathletichippienaturemale45to54United States4Cool Survey...thanks!
minimalistminimalistminimalist25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierfitnesssensationcloserotherbetter on my kneesweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierweathercoldyesyesyesI think its more gym says no to barefoot. I think its cause of ignorance.athleticnatureruralmale55to64United States2I run barefoot to relearn my natural gait that I had in high school. I graduated in 73, which was before modern running shoes.
barefeetsandalsshoesbarefootbarefoot25-503to5yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweatherhotweathercoldgroundyesyesnoIf God wanted us to wear shoes, He would have told Adam and Eve to do so. As He did not tell them to wear shoes, they didn't have to. And we don't have to wear shoes either. But most people wear shoes. It is most natural to wear shoes when you really need therm only. It benefits your health to be barefoot for so many reasons, it is fun, and it is no way impudent or illegal. All those so called reasons why to wear shoes are based upon prejudice or insufficient information.I don't need any support. Thank you! But I think that some advertising for being barefoot could encourage many others who are still hesitant. There is advertising for wearing shoes only, but there is next to zero advertising for being barefoot. This is showing a very biased and one-sided image. But more advertising for being barefoot would sure lead to a greater acceptance.eccentrichippienaturenudistmale45to54Germany2Here in Germany most people are so traditional ... they listen to the same old prejudice 1.000 times rather than listening once to someone who tells them that there is new information based upon wich they would have to change their attitude.
barefeetminimalistshoesbarefootshoes25-50gt20ywalkingdrivingsocializingotherI like it & when I was younger hard to find shoes I liked in my sizehappiersensationsexyweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt25gt20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherI like ithappiersensationfitcomfortweathercoldweatherwetgroundcostotherdesignyesyesyesI love itBetter styles & more affordableeccentricnormalfemale35to44United States2
shoesshoesshoeslt25nevernonenonenoneweathercoldgroundotherI need more cushioning for my kneesdontknow25-501to3yhikingwalkingshoppingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessweathercoldweatherwetgroundwhattoweardonnoyesIt is too dangerous and filthy to go barefoot. none. I don't care what people think. I wear what I want for comfort and what makes me feel beautiful. artisticathleticnaturepaleoruralfemale35to44United States2
flipflopsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20ywalkingnonesensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenoneothernever heard of themyesnoI prefer to wear nothing on my feet, but if I have to wear shoes, I choose flip flops or sandals whenever possible--the less on my feet, the happier I am. I'm not sure why people have such a problem with bare feet in stores and such; they aren't particularly dirty. Your shoes get just as dirty, don't they?I'd go barefoot more often if (a) the terrain were better in more places for it, and (b) it was allowable. I grew up in a small town and went barefoot to the grocery store and fast food restaurants all the time. But you can't do that any more.artisticnormalotheranimal lover, spiritualfemale35to44United States2
barefeetflipflopssandalsminimalistminimalist50-755to10ysocializingmedicalotherBalanceweathercoldground25-505to10ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalotherI don't stumble as oftennoneyesyesNot that fashionable naturefemale25to34United States1
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehappiersensationsexydiscriminationattitudesyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI love going barefoot. It's something I've enjoyed all my life.athleticnormalfemale25to34United States2
minimalistshoesbarefoot25-5010to20yhikingwalkingspiritualhealthierhappierfitnesscloserimpressingsexyweathercoldgrounddiscriminationlt255to10yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingweathercoldgroundattitudessocialnormsyesyesnoartisticeccentrichippienaturefemale35to44United States2
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist25-503to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweathercolddiscriminationyes25-501to3yworkotherIt is as chealthiernonenoyesnoEveryone should be able to wear or not wear whatever they choose.All I need is a lack of active opposition. If people in a position of power can't force me to wear shoes, I'll be all set.normalmale25to34United States3
flipflopsbarefootbarefootgt7510to20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingothernever wear socks and slip my shoes off at my desk othercomfort, freedom to dress as I pleasehealthierhappiersensationcloserdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyeslt255to10yshoppingsocializingotherwear them healthierhappiersensationfitcomfortweatherwetdiscriminationattitudesdonyesnoI feel it is a person's right to dress/go barefoot as he chooses without being confronted or feeling like a criminal or deviant. No comments, no funny disgusting looks, no lecture and no stupid questions and no staring at my feet.athleticnaturenormalnudistmale45to54United States3
minimalistbarefootminimalist25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationweathercoldsocialnormsyes50-751to3ysocializingworkmedicalhealthiersocialnormsyesyesnoShould be an option available to everyone, but clearly isn't - there are very few jobs where it would be acceptable to not wear shoes. I am convinced by the evidence that shoe wearing can cause foot problems which can in old age affect balance and lead to falls (which are the major cause of accidental death in those aged over 65). I am therefore happy to look unusual in my Lems (which I am counting as minimalist shoes) in the hope that I can undo some of the damage done by the shoe-wearing for the first 54 years of my life.Tolerance is all that is required, but I don't think it will happen.athleticnormalfemale55to64Australia2I feel quite comfortable running, walking, going to the local shops in bare feet, but no way could I go to work without shoes. The problem is I spend more than half my waking hours at work. Lems have been a huge boon for me - I can wear my toe spreaders inside them and I hope that over time I may partially reverse the bunion that is the product of wearing high heels for most of my working life. I expect that when I retire I will go barefoot much more of the time - maybe not gardening - I've never tried using a spade with no shoes but I don't think it would be comfortable.
barefeetflipflopsbarefootflipflops50-7510to20yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonemedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingcostotherI can't buy them in Latvian shops.yesyesnonaturenudistmale35to44Latvia4
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootshoeslt251to3ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotheri like ithealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt251to3ywalkingshoppingsocializingotheravoid harahappierfitnesssensationfitcomfortweathercoldweatherwetcostyesyesnoIf I like it, I wear it. or lack of.I would prefer a society that helps keep clean an environment created or transformed by humans. In my country it is all too often that the city and nature touched by [sub]humans is dirty, too much garbage, too much destruction left. One thing is enjoying a walk and the other is spending much time choosing your next step because of the above. Of course, a lot of this could simply be avoided if more people would walk barefoot, because they would be more aware of where/what they step on and maybe a bit more careful on what they dump. Second, I get a lot of senseless harassement. Not only for entering a store barefoot, but like being treated as a bruglar by default the moment I enter a store by being asked to leave my bag/case/sack in a locker. Too much "security personel" bugging you everywhere. eccentricnaturenormalothergeekmale25to34Romania2
barefeetflipflopsbarefootflipflops50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexygrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonedonyesnohippienaturenormalpaleomale18to24United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressinggrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormswhattowearyeslt251to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkculturalotherImproved athletic performance (performance not dependent upon the condition of my soles). Not as significant social shaming.attitudessocialnormsyesyesnoNo footwear is better than footwear 99% of the time for everything I do.Lack of discrimination or misplaced concern about bare feet.artisticathleticeccentricnaturenormalmalelt18United States3Society here is anti-bare feet. Just like the society used to be racist for idiotic reasons, they are still bare foot discriminate for no logical reason in 95% of all cases presented to me. Shoes are only sensible for dangerous work environments. E.g. Construction, military, police, EMS, firefighters, etc. One of my biggest gripes is the disapproval of bare feet for golfing. Golf courses are wonderful places to be barefoot if you are allowed to be barefoot.
minimalistminimalistminimalist25-50lt1yrunningwalkinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes50-75lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingworkotheri cant be healthiergroundsocialnormswhattowearyesyesnoathleticnormalmale25to34Mexico1
barefeetminimalistotherMaximalist shoesminimalistminimalistlt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationweatherhotgroundotherDistanceyesgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationgroundyesyesyesIt's more fun.hippienaturemale25to34United States3
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt253to5yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingculturalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesnoMy opinion? Like should it be allowed or is it good? It is like very many other health decisions in life. People are so used to thinking of doing things a certain way (as I was about shoes a few years ago!) or listening to purported experts that they often don't really consider the better alternative. Then, when they do hear, they think it is not going to be worth the effort or they are not willing to make the healthy changes.Just need certain business establishments to realize bare feet aren't creepy and dirty, or signs of criminal behavior.artisticathleticnormalruralfemale45to54United States3I am so grateful that my husband introduced me to the possibility of barefoot running. Running with bare feet (most of the time) has made a huge difference in my ability to run and be healthy overall. It enabled me to run my first half marathon last year. This year I am planning on attempting my first marathon. Not bad for someone my age (53), I think. :-) I wish I could adjust to more extreme conditions faster, but I have already learned a few hard lessons about pushing the conditioning too fast, so am trying to be patient.
barefeetshoesother"luna sandals"barefootbarefoot25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-501to3yrunninghikingshoppingsocializingmedicalwhen my fehealthierhappiersensationcostminimalist are dangerous for people with weak feet who want to run...noyesnogoin barefoot helps to understand better the world, it helps to understand we have to adapt to the reality, it helps to understand we have to relax to deal with stones and lemons life gives us. goin barefoot is important for the well-being alqo, its the natural daily reflexology : feet need to be stimulated to make the whole body feel wellno arch support nobody understood, nobody helped me I had to run a fast half marathon suited like Tarzan to have an interview on a mainstream webmagazine, and only after that people started to shut up.artisticathletichippienaturepaleoruralvegetarian, loner, foreignermale25to34Portugal1
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootflipflops25-503to5yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthiersensationweatherhotgroundsocialnormsyeslt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingculturalhappierfitcomfortdonyesnoIt just feels betterBetter social acceptancenormalpaleomale35to44Mexico1None
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootminimalistallthetime3to5yrunningwalkingspiritualhealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiergroundcostyesyesyesI don't knowNothingartisticathleticnaturenormalmale35to44Spain5
barefeetminimalistminimalistminimalist25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingsocializingnonehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationyes25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesathleticnaturenormalmale55to64United States5
barefeetbarefoot25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercolddiscriminationsocialnormsyeslt255to10yshoppingworkotherwear them otheri wear them for running in winter and work but don't enjoy themcostnoyesnoLove it.Open minds. It's our choice.naturenormalruralmale55to64Canada3
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotdiscriminationyeslt253to5yhikingshoppingsocializingculturalotherprotection from hot surfacesnoneyesyesnoShould be the norm.No discriminationathleticnaturemale45to54United States3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefoot50-755to10yrunninghikingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationotherstronger feet!weathercolddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes50-755to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierotherstronger feetweatherwetsocialnormsyesyesnoI love it. My feet feel so much better/stronger.Acceptance. People to understand that going barefoot isn't against the law. Mostly my minimalist footwear is socially acceptable.artisticathleticeccentricnaturemale45to54United States1I'm lucky enough to have had some jobs where I could 'get away with' going barefoot. I've been kicked out of cafes for simply taking off my shoes while seated at a table!
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesminimalistminimalistlt251to3yrunninghikingmedicalhealthierfitnesssensationsocialnormsotherPotential exposure to toxins etc.yes50-753to5yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierfitnesssensationweatherwetyesyesnoYour footwear is your business.I generally have not had problems with societal barriers.athleticnormalmale25to34United States3I prefer to go barefoot but I recognize that shoes are a useful tool for protection. I run barefoot, but I would never spend a day in the city walking barefoot because of all the potential hazards that exist, such as human excrement, toxic chemicals, etc. I'd rather not have to concentrate on avoiding these things when I'm relaxing.
minimalistminimalistminimalistlt253to5yrunningmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessweatherhotweathercoldgroundyesallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesyesathleticnormalmale45to54United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsbarefootminimalist50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingotherI enjoy it.healthierfitnesssensationweathercoldsocialnormsyeslt253to5ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthiersensationnonenoyesnoathleticnormalmale45to54United States3
flipflopssandalsshoesbarefootflipflops50-753to5yhikingwalkingdrivinglifestylehealthiersensationattitudessocialnormsyesneveryesnoeccentricnormalmale45to54United States1
barefeetbarefootbarefootgt751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationgrounddiscriminationyeslt251to3yrunninghikingwalkinglifestyleotherprotection or necessity when i can't go barefootnoneyesnoNo strong opinion. I feel it's a personal preference and should be left entirely up to the individual.No support. Rather, less input and opinion from others. athleticnatureotherfemale25to34United States4
barefeetshoesbarefootbarefootgt755to10ydrivinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsdontknownevernevernonenonenoneyesnoeccentricfemale18to24United States2
minimalistminimalistminimalistlt251to3yrunningwalkingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotweathercoldgroundyes50-751to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessnoneyesyesathleticnormalmale45to54United States3
barefeetsandalsshoesbarefootbarefoot50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationyes25-503to5ydrivingworkotherSocial/WorhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesnoLove itBeing allowed toathleticmale35to44United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootflipflopsgt75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationweathercoldgroundyeslt2510to20yrunningworkotherWorkhealthierwhattowearyesyesnoLove the freedom and sensationUnderstanding athleticmale45to54Australia3We do not where hand gloves all day, therefore why shoes?
minimalistbarefootminimalistlt253to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingotherIt feels goodhealthierhappiersensationimpressingsexyweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyesgt753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationfitcomfortweatherwetgroundsocialnormsyesyesyesWould be nice if accepted in more places/situationsJust seeing other people wearing the same athleticmale35to44United States2
minimalistflipflopsminimalistbarefoot25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexyotherfeeling awesome~weatherhotgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsyes25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingshoppingsocializingotherdrumslifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingotherto be AWESOME!fitcomfortweatherwetcostyesyesyesit gives you awesome feet! naaah, I love minimalism and I will never go back to traditional shoes. artisticathleticnormalmale18to24Philippines5less shoe, more you. enjoy being free, down and closer to earth. Feel the ground beneath you, live with a happier, stronger and sexier feet. be barefooted.
barefeetflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootnone50-755to10yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingothercomforthealthierhappiersensationweathercoldsocialnormsyesneverneveryesnoIt should be up to everyone to wear what they like.A bit more socially accepted to go barefoot in public.normalmale35to44Sweden3
barefeetshoesbarefootbarefoot50-75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldsocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenoneyesnoI like going barefootI want more people follow my example and go barefoot too.naturenormalruralmale35to44Sweden4
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist25-501to3yhikingwalkingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserimpressingweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyes25-501to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingweathercoldweatherwetyesyesnoeccentrichippienaturemale25to34United States3
minimalistflipflopsshoesminimalistshoesneverneverotherMy feet get cold easily so I rarely do.weathercoldsocialnormsyeslt25lt1yrunningwalkinglifestylesensationotherOnly just discovered them and aiming to replace shoes with minimalist versionsyesyesyesIt is less acceptable in formal situations - normally work, where you may need to be concerned with appearance. It would also not be appropriate on a factory floor or a constructions site for example where protection of feet is required. I certainly wouldn't be wearing minimalist shoes to stand at the side of a wet muddy football pitch in January either. But happy to wear the as casual shoes.Living in a cool climate dictates the norm - i.e. shoes. There is no reason to not wear a minimalist shoe that has style - e.g. Vivobarefoot has a range of styles for different occasions. I could wear huaraches or barefoot in the office but I think clients would see it as a bit odd. But this is Britain.artisticathleticnormalmale45to54United Kingdom1As a child (living in Africa) I used to go around barefoot all the time, or maybe flip-flops. And have always been a fan of flip flops I can walk miles in them, but usually only do that on holiday where it is warm enough. Its too cold to not wear any shoes outdoors for at least 9 out of 12 months and we have a temperate climate. It remains to be seen whether I have to revert to thicker shoes in the mid winter for walking. Running should be OK. I suspect you will find that generally lightweight or no shoes are generally more acceptable in warmer climates.
barefeetbarefootbarefoot50-75gt20yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherat church, offices, at the doclifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyweathercolddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoThe only reason to wear shoes is the social discrimination of barefootism. From a medical or "technical" point of view there is no need to wear shoes at all. When feet are well trained by being barefoot constantly, they are able to endure nearly every surfache and avery weather condidtions.I am longing to live completely without shoes, but I had to wear them at work. That's acceptable, because I am barefoot nearly all my free time. Nevertheless, I would be very happy if society would rethink, if it were no longer normal to wear shoes, but to be barefoot, if shoes were worn only in exceptional cases. This change could begin by enable children to grow up without shoes. It should be common practice to go to school barefoot all year round, or at least from April to October in colder climates.naturenormalotherChristianmale45to54Germany4It's so wonderful when being barefoot has become commonplace. No hesitation at the door before leaving the house without shoes, but looking forward to be barefoot in public. Probably to be the only one without shoes again in the city, at the station, on the train, on the bus. To enjoy the surprised looks on the bare feet, even the mockery, then to feel especially good because of the courage to be barefoot in everyday life regardless of the situation. It's great!
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootsandals25-503to5yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializinglifestylehealthierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt253to5yrunningshoppingculturalotherToo cold to run barefootattitudesnoyesnoathleticeccentricnatureruralmale55to64United States3
barefeetminimalistbarefootbarefootgt753to5yrunninglifestylesensationcloserMore efficient and less injuryweatherhotweathercoldgroundyeslt253to5yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingsensationweatherhotweathercolddonyesyesnaturenormalfemale35to44United States3
barefeetminimalistflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkotherchurch, cycling, walking in the rainothermy feet feel better when they are all naturalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserothermy feet don't hurt. conventional shoes always make my feet hurt. weatherhotgrounddiscriminationattitudesyeslt25lt1yhikingwalkingshoppingworkotherfor cycling only in events where bare feet are prohibited, all other activities only when bare feet are prohibited, hiking when terrain is extremely rugged and will likely cause cuts, walking in extremely hot weather and the pavement would cause significant burnsotherI only weahealthierhappierotherit allows me to comfortably go places I can't go in bare feet. fitcomfortcostothermy feet just feel better when they are naked. noyesnoIt's wonderful! It makes my feet happy. It also makes them healthier and stronger. I think my over all health is better because my feet are healthy. I think more people should try it. in general, I need no support because I will do it with or without support. The only time it's a problem is when a facility prevents me from entering with bare feet. artisticathleticeccentrichippienatureotherindividual, unique, independentfemale35to44United States2I would like to break through the stereotypes and misconceptions about barefooting so that those who barefoot will have less opposition and so more people will feel comfortable going barefoot in public.
barefeetshoesbarefootshoeslt2510to20yrunningwalkingshoppingotherthe pleasurehappiersensationcloserweathercoldsocialnormsotherdisgusting groundyesnevernevernoneotherI wouldnotherI wouldn't have to touch the disgusting ground with my bare feetfitcomfortwhattowearotherI don't like how they look.donyesyesEveryone should do just what he/she likes.More sense of responsibilty for our environment what would include less disgusting streets.artisticnaturefemaleGermany3
shoesshoesshoeslt25otheraround the houseotherconveniencenonegroundnonevernevernonenonenonegroundnoyesyesDoesn't fit my life style.Noneothercowboymale55to64United States1
flipflopssandalsflipflopsflipflops25-50gt20yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingworkotherRock climbing medicalfitnesssensationcloserotherBetter control and grip especially rock climbingweatherhotweathercoldgrounddontknownevernevernonenonenonenonedonyesyeshippiefemale25to34United States3
minimalistothershoes with Sole removedotherother25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingworkmedicalhealthiersensationotherbetter kneesweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt251to3yrunningwalkingshoppingsocializingworkhealthierfitnessotherWorkyesyesnoRunning barefoot has totally changed the way I run, for the better.I'm good.hippiemale55to64United States3
barefeetminimalistbarefootminimalist50-751to3yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingnonehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexydiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes50-751to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworknonehealthierhappierfitnesssensationimpressingnoneyesyesyesHappiness.Minding your business.athleticeccentrichippienaturenormalpaleomale18to24United States2
barefeetshoesbarefootshoeslt251to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingotherSport generál outdoorsotherComforthealthierfitnesssensationsexysocialnormsyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoI like itI just wish more would do it. I do not like to attract attention.normalmale35to44Germany3
barefeetflipflopsshoesnonenone25-50gt20ywalkingdrivingotherPainted with my bare feet, squishing them in mud, and all that stuffotherSometimes for health but also to get reacquainted with it because I forgot how fun it is to not have shoes or socks on in the summer.healthierhappiersensationcloserotherMostly comments because I have autism and it sometimes does make me nervous about hearing reactions, but I try to deal with it.yesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesyesIt is a little strange but it actually makes me feel more connected to the earth, and it is healthier. I sometimes worry about looks because I have autism and some things people say I may take different.Just not paying attention to me and just go about minding their own business.athleticnaturenormalotherautisticmale18to24United States3Good community and hopefully things will go around with no discrimination. Being a person with autism, I understand all of that.
otherXeroshoesminimalistminimalistlt25lt1yotherrunning/walking in Xeroehose & Vibramsmedicalallthetimelt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworkmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationotherSo far I'm OK, going into my first winter now..yesyesyesI absolutely love my Xeroshoes - I converted to miniamalist shoes about 9 weeks ago and I REFUSE to wear normal shoes. In the last 3 months since I started with my minimalist shoes I have completed 2 x 10km races and a 21km race. I've started running in Xeroshoes but its a bit tricky as I get terrible blisters due to the shoes needing a to be retied. (My fault, I know) I've started running in Vibrams and I LOVE IT.artistichippiepaleoruralfemale35to44South Africa5
barefeetbarefootshoeslt25lt1yrunningdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationclosersexydiscriminationsocialnormsWeather (too wet!)yeslt251to3yrunningdrivingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessimpressingsocialnormsdonyesnoBarefeet or minimalist footwear feel more comfortable than the shoes that contort feet to accomodate a style or the appearance of being taller. Natural footwear does have health benefits - grounding, reduction of stress injuries, better stability from stronger feet.I need assistance negating stigmas regarding barefeet as unclean or lowly. athleticnaturenormalmale18to24United States2
barefeetbarefootbarefootallthetime3to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehappierfitnesssensationdiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonenoyesnoIt's a personal choice. I don't do it for health reasons, I enjoy it. Everyone should be free to wear what they want.Education for business owners.artisticeccentricnaturenormalmale45to54United Kingdom4
barefeetminimalistflipflopsflipflopsbarefoot25-505to10yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingotherFeels betterhealthierhappierfitnesssensationweatherhotdiscriminationattitudessocialnormsyes25-503to5ywalkingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehealthierhappiersensationyesnoVivo Barefoot are nice and wide, have no arch support but look like ordinary shoes from the outside. Also wear rubber beach shoes, super cheap at $5 very flexible. Flip flops are best because they are open and feel better.Lack of stupidity from people who work at gyms and ban anything that doesn't look like a conventional running shoe.artisticathleticnaturenormalmale45to54Australia3
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoesbarefootflipflops50-75runningwalkingdrivinglifestylesensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyeslt251to3yrunningworkculturalotherprotection from cold weatherattitudesyesyesnoI prefer going barefoot over any foot wear and this will always be my first choice. Being barefoot is very unacceptable here in Nebraska especially when attempting to shop places such as Walmart.normalmale35to44United States1
barefeetflipflopsshoesbarefootshoes50-7510to20ywalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingnonehappierfitnesssensationsexyweatherhotweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonenonenonedonyesyesnormalmale18to24New Zealand5
barefeetminimalistsandalsbarefootbarefootgt75gt20yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingotherComforthealthierhappierfitnesssensationotherCoolergroundattitudessocialnormsyeslt251to3yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingotherTemperaturotherProtection from extreme temperatures, rough and dangerous ground surfacesattitudesUglynonedonyesnoIt's easier to go barefoot than search for shoes that fit. Barefoot helps me cope with heat. Barefoot makes me happier in general. I like to feel the ground.So tired of hearing from everyone that well-fitting shoes are the first requirement for every single physical activity. normalfemale55to64United States2
barefeetminimalistflipflopssandalsshoessandalssandalslt253to5yrunninghikingwalkinglifestylehealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyweatherhotweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyeslt253to5yrunningmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationfitcomfortnoyesnoathleticnaturenormalmale35to44United States3
minimalistflipflopsminimalistminimalistlt255to10yrunningdrivingotherIt feels goodhealthierhappiersensationweathercolddiscriminationattitudesyes50-753to5yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingworklifestylehappiersensationnonenoyesyesIt's a great thing, whether for personal expression, comfort or whatever. It should be embraced more by 'conventional' societyMore understanding and acceptance of it as being a choice and not odd.athleticnatureruralmale35to44United Kingdom2
flipflopssandalsshoesflipflopsshoeslt25nevernonemedicalhealthierhappierfitnesscloserweathercoldsocialnormsyeslt251to3yrunninghikingotherDodgeballmedicalhealthierhappierfitnessotherback painyesyesyesDo what you want, unless it's a safety issue.clear rules about when, where and why footwear is required.athleticfemale25to34Canada2
barefeetflipflopsbarefootbarefootgt751to3yhikingwalkingdrivingsocializingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyotherbetter balanceweatherhotgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonenonehealthierimpressingfitcomfortcostdonyesnoIt's the only way to heal the damage we have allowed high heels, too small boots and pointed shoes to do to our feet, ankles, knees, hips and backs. It stinks that it isn't accepted culturally here in the west, but that will only limit me so much.I don't need their support. That said, it would be a great deal easier if it was more widely accepted. artisticnatureruralfemale25to34United States2
minimalistminimalistminimalistnevernevernonemedicalhealthierfitnessweathercoldgroundattitudessocialnormsyesallthetimelt1yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingmedicalhealthierfitnessweatherwetcostyesnoyesI really can't imagine not wearing any footwear at all living in London - it's too dangerous. Minimal footwear like Vivobarefoot is excellent .To mee it's just to dangerous not to wear any footwear at all - dirt, glass, etc all litter parks and roadsides. Folks always comment my Vivobarefoot shoes look cool - so they notice something is different yet to me they are just like basic gym school shoes I wore back when I was 5-10 years old (but much more costly!). athleticnormalmale35to44United Kingdom1
minimalistflipflopsbarefootminimalist25-50lt1yrunningwalkingmedicalhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserweathercoldyes25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingshoppingworkhealthierhappierfitnesssensationnoneyesyesIt's good for me!None.athleticnaturenormalmale35to44France4Good idea to submit such a survey ! interresting social study.
barefeetminimalistflipflopsflipflopsflipflops25-501to3yrunningwalkingsocializinglifestylehealthierhappiersensationcloserweathercoldgrounddiscriminationyeslt25lt1yrunningwalkingdrivinglifestylefitnesssensationweatherwetdiscriminationattitudescostyesyesnoeccentricnaturenormalmale25to34United Kingdom2
barefeetminimalistsandalsshoesbarefootshoeslt251to3yhikingwalkingshoppingsocializingotherNaturist. I hate clothes but can be more often barefoot than naked, so I adapt.happiersensationweathercoldgrounddiscriminationsocialnormsotherworkyeslt251to3yhikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherPrejudicedhappiersensationotherEnter shops and museums barefoot.socialnormsotherworkyesyesnoI love the sensation. I feel enclosed in shoes (or clothes in general).Acceptance (lots of amazing prejudices, that are the same or similar to the ones against naturism).artisticeccentricnaturenormalnudistmale25to34France3One thing that has fascinated me was that USA allows any kind of shoe inside their shops (flip flop welcome in restaurants) as long as you wear shoes. They're big on shoes. While in France, the dress code is more strict but if a place is relax for flip flops, it is relax also for bare feet. Not always true, of course. It's just personal experience.
barefeetminimalistflipflopsshoesshoesshoes25-501to3yrunningwalkingdrivingsocializingspiritualhealthierhappierfitnesssensationcloserimpressingsexyothera tiny trickle of internet fameweathercoldgroundsocialnormsyeslt25lt1yrunninghikingwalkingdrivingshoppingsocializingotherchurchculturalhealthierimpressingfitcomfortweathercoldweatherwetyesyesyesThe way I think about my feet has changed altogether in this last year, and apart from the colder days, when I wear wool socks and oxfords, I like to spend most of my time barefoot, slipping on the minimal sandals for places that demand shoes.I really like my sandals, but I think some minimalist slippers may suit my needs better, and I see little reason not to make those myself, though many brands that look like they would nicely replace my old oxfords at church and other places like that are very tempting. I think the idea is enough to get me out of my shoes, especially when the weather is in such a sweet spot. The only support I really need is my family's approval, but folks at large having a good idea as to the benefits of bare feet is really helpful.artisticeccentricnormalpaleomale45to54United States4It does nto get hugely cold around here, and that helps. I got into barefoot and minimal because of a friend from a game convention in Vancouver who later got into barefoot running and lost a lot of weight. I have not done much running or even walking, but I have lost a lot of weight first, and I find the barefoot thing works better for me.
shoesbarefoot25-503to5yrunningwalkingdrivingmedicalhealthierhappiersensationotherReduce knee/ankle/hip pain from running for years in well cushioned running shoesgrounddiscriminationyesnevernevernonemedicalnonenonedonyesyesNot accepted enough generally Be able to not wear shoes in restaurants and storesnormalmale55to64Bermuda2Folks in the boating community are always barefoot. But still not accepted in restaurants and stores generally.
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